Phoklandian Imperial dollar

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Imperial Dollar
ISO 4217
PluralImperial Dollars
Official user(s) Phokland
Unofficial user(s)Graustark
Central bankBank of Kyberia
PrinterMinistry of Trade and Immigration
MintEmosian National Mint
Pegged withUSD $1

The Imperial Dollar (code: PID) is the national currency of the Phoklandian Imperium and an unofficial currency of the Principality of Graustark. In both countries, the curency plays an auxilary role to other currencies (Phokland: USD, Graustark: Gavvo).

The PID came into use on the 3rd of February 2019, and has been used continuously since then.


Currently circulating, Phoklandian dollars use a single P$100 style of notes (created by Aidan McGrath in early 2019). Though the currency is divisible by one, no such notes other than the aforementioned P$100 has been minted.

Image Value Description Date of Issue
P$100 Depicts the former civil ensign of Phokland and the continent of Antarctica (where Phokland holds ceremonial territory). 3 February 2019


At present, no coins under the PID system have been designed or minted (though plans are under way to design such coinage).

Preceded by: Currency of the Phoklandian Imperium Succeded by:
Voltaire 3 February 2019 - present None