Piyawat Amornthatri

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His Excellency, Minister of Science
Piyawat Amornthatri
Praefectus Partium
Secretary-General of Quorum Affairs Council
Assumed office
6 April 2020
Regent of Quorum Zerorius Hiruko
QAC Chairman Zerorius Hiruko
Predecessor Himself (as Secretary-General of Provisional Government)
Successor currently
Secretary-General of Provisional Government of Knowledge for All
In office
14 January 2020 - 6 April 2020
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Himself (as Secretary-General of Quorum Affairs Council)
Prime Minister of Empire (1st term)
President of Executive Committee (present time)
Assumed office
12 September 2019 - 17 March 2020 (1st term)
25 May 2020 - Incumbent (2nd term, under jurisdiction of Prudentianopolis)
QAC Chairman Zerorius Hiruko
Director-General Zerorius Hiruko
Predecessor Office Established (1st Term)
Zerorius Hiruko (under jurisdiction of Knowledge for All)
Successor Thanakrit Daeng-ed (1st Term)
Nationality Thai
Ethnicity Thai
Political party Knowledge for All

Piyawat Amornthatri is Secretary-General of the Quorum Affairs Council and former acting First Secretary of Foreign Affairs Commission's Secretariat, the second-highest rank in QAC, de facto second-highest influenced member in QOP, and leader of Cyberspace government of Prudentianopolis. He swore to the office on 14 January 2020 and get appointed to office on the same day. His work, before getting appointed, was imperial chancellor (executive director) of gifted classroom session until he graduated from his school. Due his field of expertise is science and math; he got the title "Minister of Science" from Regent of Quorum. He was participated in the civil war as leader of Knowledge for All's whistleblower troop and de facto commander.