Plushunian legislative election, March 2019

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Plushunian snap legislative election, March 2019
← June 2018 24 March 2019 September 2019 →

All 30 seats to the Plushunian Parliament
16 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 64.12%
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Ghiță Purcel Rilă Slobozeanu Iepuroi Hop
Party PNL, PD, PNȚCD Social Democratic Party (Plushunia) Save Plushunia Union
Alliance Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats
Leader since 2018 2018 2019
Last election 4+5+4[2] 5+2 [3] 2 [1]
Seats won 10 9 7
Seat change 3 2 5
Popular vote 109 97 79
Percentage 33.33% 29.67% 24.15%

  Fourth party
Leader Ursu Polarescu
Party Plushunian Socialist Party
Leader since 2019
Last election 6+2 [4]
Seats won 4
Seat change 4
Popular vote 42
Percentage 12.84%

Prime Minister before election

Ursu Polarescu
Plushunian Socialist Party

Prime Minister after election

Ghiță Purcel

Elections for the Plushunian Parliament were held in Plushunia on the 24th of March 2019. All 30 seats were contested in the election, through a party-list proportional representation voting system. The Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats won a plurality of 10 seats, forming a coalition government with the Save Plushunia Union.


Following the events of the March coup, the Polarescu II cabinet resigned, and since no other coalitions were formed, snap legislative elections were called by the President. The elections were quickly organised, with a very short electoral campaign.

Electoral system

Due to its simplicity and its usage in neighboring Romania, in the election the party-list proportional system was used, with each party/alliance proposing a closed national list of candidates, the entire country being the single electoral constituency. The system was used so far in almost all elections in Plushunian history.

Competing parties and pre-election agreements

The Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats

The leader of the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats, Ghiță Purcel, announced that, should the alliance win the election, an eventual ALDe government will take measures to combat the economic crisis triggered by the socialist economic policies of the Polarescu II cabinet. The measures were to be executed in two stages: the first stage involving the creation of temporary jobs for the unemployed and the stimulation of economic growth, while the second stage involving large-scale privatisation of state-owned companies and real estate, as well as creation of permanent jobs for the unemployed. Purcel also declared that, should the ALDe not win a majority in the election, it would be willing to make a center-right government coalition with the Save Plushunia Union.

Candidate list of the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats
# Name Party Elected
1 Ghiță Purcel PNL Yesyes
2 Broscoi Plușeanu PD Yesyes
3 Puiuț Pufoșel PNȚCD Yesyes
4 Cățel Plușeanu PNL Yesyes
5 Ollie Caracatița PD Yesyes
6 Puiuț Pufoșel PNȚCD Yesyes
7 Pisica Plușeanu PNL Yesyes
8 Marin Caracatiță PD Yesyes
9 Cățeluș, Patriarch of Plushunia PNȚCD Yesyes
10 Didi Purcel PNL Yesyes
11 Broscoi Slobozan PD Nono
12 Rățușca Plușeanu PNȚCD Nono
13 Reginald Koenig PNL Nono
14 Rățoi Slobozeanu PD Nono
15 Cocoș Slobozeanu PNȚCD Nono
16 Loredana Purcel PNL Nono
17 Musca Plușeanu PD Nono
18 Țușca Plușeanu PNȚCD Nono

The Social Democratic Party

Unlike the Socialists, the Social Democrats decided to adopt more moderate left-wing policies, focusing on improving the welfare system and public spending, supporting partial privatisation of public companies and being against state-regulated prices, planned economy and other policies from the "Road to Socialism" programme. However, the Social Democrats did have an agreement with the Socialists to form a moderate left-wing cabinet led by a Social Democrat should the two parties win a majority in the election.

Note: The list is currently incomplete. The Plushunian Archives will provide a complete version as soon as possible.

Candidate list of the Social Democratic Party
# Name Party Elected
1 Rilă Slobozeanu PSD Yesyes
2 Oița Baciu PSD Yesyes
3 Ursuleț Plușeanu PSD Yesyes
4 Iepurica Albescu PSD Yesyes
5 Iepurica von Waldorf PSD Yesyes
7 Rilă Morcovescu PSD Yesyes
8 Spiridon Koenig PSD Yesyes
9 Frog Klein PSD Yesyes
10 Rilă von Waldorf PSD Nono
11 Ursu Buzescu Ind. Nono
12 Ceas Feroviaru PSD Nono
13 Ursula Klein PSD Nono
14 Cuțu Muncitoru PSD Nono

The Save Plushunia Union

The then-newest party of Plushunia (formed in March 2019 by the merger of the Nationat Front with the Revolutionary Movement Party), the Save Plushunia Union ran on a liberal democratic, anti-Socialist platform, supporting the liberal economic policies (privatisation, liberalisation) of the ALDe, while also advocating for an active role of the state in ending the economic crisis started by the Socialist parties. The Union also proposed ending syndical administration of the public enterprises and ending price regulations, and had a coalition agreement with ALDe to form a right-wing cabinet should the two parties win a majority.

Note: The list is currently incomplete. The Plushunian Archives will provide a complete version as soon as possible.

Candidate list of the Save Plushunia Union
# Name Party Elected
1 Judy Hop USP Yesyes
2 Iepuraș Slobozan USP Yesyes
3 Iepuroi Hop USP Yesyes
4 Peter Hop USP Yesyes
5 Luminel Plușeanu USP Yesyes
6 Iepure Portocaliu USP Yesyes
7 Șobo Albu USP Yesyes
8 Puiuț Chițăilă USP Nono
9 Rilă Croșetă USP Nono
10 Dobermann Plușeanu USP Nono
11 Cuțulache Plușeanu USP Nono
12 Șobo Gri USP Nono
13 Iepuraș Croșetă USP Nono
14 Babirusa von Waldorf USP Nono
15 Horațiu Pferd USP Nono

The Plushunian Socialist Party

The Socialists, representing the radical wing of the former Social Alliance, ran on a platform focused on maintaining the economic and social policies of the Polarescu II Cabinet, such as syndical administration of companies, opposing privatisations, establishing worker cooperatives and stimulating industrial economy. The party did have an agreement with the more moderate Social Democrats to form a left-wing government should the two parties win a majority, despite the many ideological disagreements between them.

Note: The list is currently incomplete. The Plushunian Archives will provide a complete version as soon as possible.

Candidate list of the Plushunian Socialist Party
# Name Party Elected
1 Ursache Klein PSP Yesyes
2 Ursu Polarescu PSP Yesyes
3 Văcuța Baciu PSP Yesyes
4 Cârtiță Chirilă PSP Yesyes
5 Cuțu Ialomițean PSP Nono
6 Vulpe Klein PSP Nono

Opinion polling

15/12/2018 33% 23% 26% 10% 8%
01/01/2019 35% 24% 25% 7% 9%
15/01/2019 32% 26% 23% 10% 9%
01/02/2019 30% 27% 24% 9% 10%
15/02/2019 30% 27% 21% 13% 9%
01/03/2019 31% 30% 20% 11% 8%
March 2019 - Electoral agreements changed, National Front merges with Revolutionary Movement Party to form the Save Plushunia Union
08/03/2019 31% 29% 17% 23%
15/03/2019 32% 28% 15% 25%
20/03/2019 34% 27% 16% 23%


e • d Plushunian snap legislative election, 24 March 2019
Parties Results
Seats % Votes %
Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats 10 33.33% 109 33.33%
Social Democratic Party 9 30% 97 29.67%
Save Plushunia Union 7 23.33% 79 24.15%
Plushunian Socialist Party 4 13.33% 42 12.84%
Total 30 100% 327 100%

The results, released on 25 March, showed the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats winning a plurality: 33.33% of the votes and 10 seats in Parliament, followed closely at 29.67% and 9 seats by the Social Democratic Party. However, the ALDe experienced a decrease in seat share, as it had 13 seats in the previous legislature, while the PSD gained two seats, having only 7 seats before the election (5 of which were won by PSD in the last election, when it competed as part of the Social Alliance). The largest rise in seat share was made by the Save Plushunia Union, which gained 5 seats in the election, only having 2 seats in the previous Parliament (won by the Union's predecessor, the National Front, in the 2018 election, in which it competed as part of the Democratic Convention), while the sharpest drop was experienced by the Plushunian Socialist Party, formed in December 2019 following the merger of the more radical parties of the defunct Social Alliance. The Socialists had 8 seats following the merger, but they lost half of them in the March election.

Structure of the Plushunian Parliament following the election
  •   PSP (4)
  •   PSD (9)
  •   PD (3)
  •   PNL (4)
  •   PNŢCD (3)
  •   USP (7)



  1. As National Front
  2. Won by constituent parties at the last election
  3. Also includes the Social Democracy Party, absorbed by the Social Democratic Party
  4. The Plushunian Socialist Party was founded following the merger of the Toys' Worker Party and the Popular Revolutionary Front, former parties of the defunct Social Alliance