Point Cupertino

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Point Cupertino
Claimed Overseas Territory of the Aenderese Republic
Established13 March 2019
 • Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories of the Aenderese RepublicRt. Hon. Milaw Oakforrest
 • President of the Aenderese RepublicRt. Hon. Jayden Lycon
 • Total0
Time zoneEST (UTC-5:00)

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The Aenderese Territory of Point Cupertino, colloquially known as Point Cupertino, is a territory of the Toronto Aenderese Protectorate located in the East Highland Creek Trail in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It houses the headquarters of the Cupertino Alliance and the majority of diplomatic offices in Aenderia however most of the operational equipment is located on Noyan, Aenderia. It was also the headquarters of the now defunct Tran Dan University.