Political Parties of New Prussia

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Political Parties of New Prussia, are voluntary political associations formed by civilians to promote political and ideological causes and views. For a Political Party to be recognized as an official party, it has to apply for the Political Party Register via the Register Committee of Political Parties that is headed by the New Prussian Electoral Council. The Committee interviews and asks questions about what the party's ideology is and who is involved. Once everything is checked out, the Committee has the Party sign a form saying that they will not in any way shape or form threaten the Empire, the Imperial Family, or the Emperor.

Political Party Register

All parties, once on the Political Party Register are eligible for the General Election.

Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Senate of Peers House of Commons New Bavarian
General Assembly
Conservative Party
Konservative Partei
Conservatism Right-wing Chairman

August Harms

1 / 3
1 / 6
2 / 7
Democommunist Party
Demokratisch Kommunist "Demokommunist" Partei
Social Democracy
Democratic Socialism
Center-Left Chairman

August Harms

2 / 3
2 / 6
4 / 7