Pontunian Cabinet

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The Cabinet of the Kingdom of Pontunia is the body of Government Ministers responsible for the executive administration and governance of Pontunia, composed of the King, the Chief Minister and thirteen Ministers. Ministers are appointed by the King (usually from the Royal Assembly) and head Government Ministries, of which there are thirteen. The Chief Minister oversees the work of the Cabinet and co-ordinates the work of the Government Ministers; the Deputy Chief Minister is not officially a member of Cabinet but is often de facto treated as such due to their position as the Prime Minister's deputy.

The Cabinet is based heavily on the American body of the same name. As such, as a collective it holds great executive power and is comprised of different ministers each holding separate portfolios. The current Cabinet is comprised of:


Portfolio Portrait Minister In office since
King of Pontunia Andrew I 12 January 2020
Chief Minister Eugene 5/24/22
Deputy Chief Minister Christoph Billung 5/24/22
Lady Protector (Minister of Noble affairs) Office Dissolved 5/24/22
Minister of Foreign Affairs John Albertson 5/24/22
Minister of War Office Dissolved 5/24/22
Minister of Public Safety Merged with Ministry of Development 5/24/22
Minister of Education Field Marshal Fras 5/24/22
Minister of Innovation Merged with Ministry of Development 5/24/22
Minister of Culture and Sports Merged with Ministry of Development 5/24/22
Treasurer (Minister of Economy and Finance) vacant 5/24/22
Minister of Development Baron Wyles 5/24/22
Minister of Resource Management Merged with Treasury 5/24/22