Pope of Eden

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The Pope of Eden is the Head of the Church of Eden and Head of State in the Eden City State. The Pope of Eden can be seen as an Elected Absolute Monarch.

Pope of Eden
Luke I

since 25th of October 2021
Church of Eden
StyleHis Holiness
TypeReligious Leader
AppointerElectorate of Edenism
Term lengthLife Tenure
PrecursorHigh Priest of Eden
Formation25th of October 2021
First holderLuke I
Unofficial namesHigh Priest
Styles of
Pope of Eden
Reference styleHis Holiness
Spoken styleYour Holiness
Alternative styleHoly Father



The role of Pope of Eden was founded on the 25th of October 2021 with the foundation of the Church of Eden.

Election, Death and Resignation


The Pope typically is appointed by senior clergymen within Edenism. The electorate is limited to Heralds and some Cardinals.


If a Pope decides to resign, it must be approved by the electorate within Edenism.


Regnal Name

Popes may take on a new name upon their accession. After a new Pope is elected, he or she is asked "By what name shall you be called?". The new Pope then picks the name they will be known as from then on.


The Pope rules the Church of Eden and the Eden City State on God's behalf so commands a large amount of power.

Ordaining Ministers & Cabinet Ministers

The Pope may ordain ministers into the Church, as well as being able to appoint those in Cabinet in Eden City.

Appointment of the First Minister of Eden City

The Pope may appoint the First Minister of Eden City, Eden City's Head of Government.

Passing Religious Acts & Laws

The Pope may pass acts and laws enforcing rules and laws in the Church of Eden and the Eden City State.

List of Popes

  • Pope Luke I (25 October 2021 – Present Day)

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