Poulo Wai

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Kingdom of Poulo Wai
Flag of Poulo Wai.svg
Coat of arms
Motto: E PLURIBUS UNUM (Latin: Out of many, One)
Anthem: National anthem of Poulo Wai
Poulo Wai City
CapitalPoulo Wai City
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Poulo Waian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Nguyen Bao Nam
• Prime Minister
Nguyen Anh Tuan
• Chairman of Legislature
Do Khach
LegislatureThe Royal Council
• (as of 2015 census) census
CurrencyPoulo Wai Dollar
Time zone(UTC+7)
This nation is a member of the United Micronations

Poulo Wai, officially known as the Kingdom of Poulo Wai, is a micronation located in the Gulf of Thailand in Asia.


Poulo Wai is a combined word in Malay of Poulo which means Island and Wai which is a greeting gesture commonly used in Asia to show respect, welcome, and thanks. Thus, Poulo Wai means the Welcoming Islands.


Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the twin islands of Poulo Wai was claimed but never occupied by the Kingdoms of Funan, Chenla, Siam, Khmer, and Vietnam for centuries. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, it became part of the French’s Indochina, but again, was not occupied. After Vietnam and Cambodia gained independence from France, South Vietnam claimed and occupied Poulo Wai from 1955 to 1975. As South Vietnam and Cambodia fell into the control of the communists, the Khmer Rouge (Cambodian’s communist force) attacked and occupied the islands in May 1975. In June, the Vietnam communist army attacked and retook the islands from the Khmer Rouge but then abandoned them a few months later. For twenty years, Poulo Wai remained unclaimed and unoccupied by either countries.

In 1995 after the United States normalized the relations with Vietnam, Prince Nguyen Bao Nam of the last Dynasty of Vietnam visited Phu Quoc and took a boat trip to Poulo Wai. There, he felt the calling and then officially claimed the islands as the Kingdom of Poulo Wai. Since 2015, King Bao Nam has established his residency on Poulo Wai.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Poulo Wai is governed by a constitutional monarchy. The Head of State is the King (or Queen). The Head of Government is the Prime Minister who is appointed by the Head of State every 5 years. The legislative branch is The Royal Council that has 5 members: the chairman is selected by the King, the other four senators are elected by the people from the four districts. The Prime Minister nominates the Deputy Prime Minister and 3 Ministers to be confirmed by the Royal Council.

The current Head of State is King Nguyen Bao Nam

The current Head of Government is Prime Minister Nguyen Anh Tuan

The current Chairman of the Royal Council is Senator Do Khach

English is the official language with Khmer and Vietnamese as the native languages.

Law and order

The law and order in the Kingdom of Poulo Wai is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Interior oversees 5 departments including a police department and a fire department.

Foreign relations

The foreign relations of the Kingdom of Poulo Wai is under the responsibility of the Ministry of State. The Kingdom of Poulo Wai through the Ministry of State recognizes many states who are members of the United Nations but also recognizes a number of other states who are not U.N. members including but not limited to:

The Republic of China (Taiwan)

Central Tibetan Administration (Tibet)

Kingdom of Laos (Southern Lao)

Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)


Osprey is the national bird of the Kingdom of Poulo Wai.

The military of the Kingdom of Poulo Wai is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense. The Poulo Wai Royal Defense Forces includes the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force.

The Royal Army consists of three marine companies: the 147th Royal Marine Company, the 258th Royal Marine Company, and the 369th Royal Marine Company.

The Royal Navy has 6 squadrons. Each squadron commands several naval vessels. Vessels include the OPV-80’s and the CB-90’s from Europe.

The Royal Air Force has 6 squadrons. Each squadron commands several aircraft. Aircraft include the F/A-18’s, the C-130’s, and the SH-60’s from the United States.


Poulo Wai consists of 2 islands of about 2 km² each for a total land area of about 4 km² with an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of about 40,000 km². Poulo Wai has maritime borders with Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The islands are about 200 km east and south from Thailand and about 100 km west from Cambodia and Vietnam.


The traditional economy of Poulo Wai was mainly fishery. Major sectors of the future economy will include energy, entertainment, financial, technology, and tourism.

Although limited agricultural and manufacturing capabilities are to be maintained on the islands, Poulo Wai relies on global trading partners for food and consumer products.

In planning are the constructions of the Poulo Wai International Airport and the Poulo Wai International Sea Port.


The culture of the people on Poulo Wai is of the Vietnamese and the Khmer with an strong influence of the United States’ popular culture. Major religions are Buddhism and Christianity.


The current population of the Kingdom of Poulo Wai is about 1,000. but that is expected to grow to 10,000 in the next decade. 80% of the population are Vietnamese, 10% are Khmer, and 10% others.


Education in the Kingdom of Poulo Wai is a priority of the government. Education is divided into three levels: Primary, Secondary, and University.

Primary education includes 4 years of kindergarten school and 4 years of elementary school. Secondary education includes 4 years of middle school and 4 years of high school. University education includes 4 years of undergraduate school and 4 years of graduate school.

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