Pregnant Nathan

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Pregnant Nathan posing with a gel blaster in a promotional photo shoot

Pregnant Nathan is a Johnston's Creek commanding officer and militant. He is known to police as a 'nuisance' and 'idiot'.


Pregnant Nathan was born in 2000 in the Sydney suburb of Newtown to middle class parents. In 2001 his mother and father divorced leaving him with his mother. He attended Annandale North Primary School and Sydney Secondary College Balmain. After graduating Year 11 and 12 he enrolled online to the Al-Raqqa Academy for Studies. The Al-Raqqa Academy for Studies was actually an online Al-Qaeda radicalisation front and bomb making class. In this 'online university' Pregnant Nathan became fascinated with the idea of terrorism, because he said 'it was like being a cheap outsourced police force'. He 'graduated' with a 'degree in online studies'. After graduating, Pregnant began to look for 'work' in terrorist organisations. He first attempted to travel to Afghanistan to enlist in the Taliban. He flew to Pakistan where upon landing, he was denied entry into Afghanistan by the Pakistan Border Authority. Cutting his losses in Pakistan, he then booked a flight to Colombia where he would attempt to join FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). He landed in the capital, Bogota and took a bus to a remote area of the Colombian jungle where he 'would begin his revolutionary journey to join the Colombian fighters of freedom and drugs'. After about an hour of walking in the jungle he became lost and disoriented. He was discovered by a Colombian army patrol two days later passed out on a large boulder with a clump of half chewed psychedelic mushrooms in his mouth. He was rescued and deported. Upon returning to Australia he moved back in with his mother and took a job at a telemarketing center. He was fired from the job after about two weeks for 'berating and insulting a man on the phone'. After he was fired from his job, he applied for Job Seeker payments where upon applying he was declared a 'human write off' and granted the payments. He lived off these payments with his mother, until 2018 where he became affiliated with the micronation, the Johnston's Creek Republic. He became friends with the founder, Rake McShit and the vice president Aaron 'the shitass' Chair. Upon the dissolution of the micronation and the arrest of Rake McShit he joined Johnston's Creek Liberation Army. After the death of Aaron Chair (who he considered his idol) he was promoted by David Toolchest to Chief Staffer. As of current events Pregnant Nathan is planning a 'revenge attack' on Japitty Cumquat for killing 'the shitass'.

Political Views & Personal Life

Pregnant Nathan lives in the Johnston's Creek Liberation Army headquarters and has no friends. His mother has stated 'he needs to grow up and stop acting like a idiot'. He has no ideology besides terrorism.