Premier-General of Excelsior

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Premier-General of the Republic
Primeiro-General da República (Portuguese)
Generalpremier der Republik (German)
Logo of the Office of the Premier-General
Roy Jackson

since 22 October 2022
StyleYour Excellency
Member ofFederal Assembly of Excelsior
AppointerFederal Assembly of Excelsior
Inaugural holderBenjamin O.S.
Unofficial namesPremier, Governor-General
DeputyDeputy Premier-General
Salary£M 20,000

The Premier-General of the Republic, also known as the Prem Gen, is the federal representative of the 5 republics of the United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic and serves as head of the federation. The Premier-General is responsible for representing the interests of the local governments of Excelsior to the Federal Government, working with Premiers as their representative to the Excelsioran "big three", and repealing laws which unfairly favor or disadvantage certain republics. The Premier-General is a federal officer and is third in the Excelsioran Order of Precedence. The Premier-General was originally referred to as the Governor-General and is often colloquially referred to as the PG, Premier, or Prem Gen. The incumbent Premier-General is Roy Jackson.

The Premier-General is elected by the Federal Assembly and serves until a motion of no confidence is passed in their administration by the Assembly, after which an election is held. The Premier-General's term may also expire when they leave office as a Representative or Premier.

The Premier-General must be an incumbent Representative within the Federal Assembly or an incumbent Premier to serve. There have been seven Premier-Generals since the foundation of the office.


No. Name Term start Term end Party
1 Ben O.S. 30 August 2021 6 March 2022 Worker's Party
2 Felix R.C. 6 March 2022 5 April 2022
3 August Hoyt 5 April 2022 20 April 2022
2 Felix R.C. 20 April 2022 11 July 2022
4 Jasper Smith 11 July 2022 16 July 2022 Communist Party of Dave
5 Chet Chetson 16 July 2022 22 October 2022 Democratic Party (NF)
6 Thomas Jacobs 22 October 2022 24 October 2022 Democratic Party (RF)
7 Roy Jackson 24 October 2022 Incumbent