Premier of Westbrook

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Premier of Westbrook
Premier de Westbrook
Westbrook District Council
StyleMr/Madam Premier (informal)
Member ofWestbrook District Council
AppointerPresident of Algard
Term lengthAt the President's Pleasure
Formation9 July 2022
Unofficial namesPresident of Westbrook
DeputyVice Premier of Westbrook

The Premier of Westbrook is the head of government for the Westbrook District in the Algardian Republic. It sits as the chair of the Westbrook District Council and manages the district and the council.


The office of Premier of Westbrook is the oldest of its type in Algard. It was established on 9 July 2022.


The Premiere is typically elected by residents of Westbrook. However as the republic is under a provisional government the Premier is appointed by the President of Algard.

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