Presidency of Benjastan

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President of the Democratic Republic of Benjastan
Seal of the Presidency of Benjastan
Flag of the Presidency of Benjastan

Benjamin Olson
since 30 December 2017

Style His Eminence
Residence Thomasville, Benjastan
Appointed By direct election
Term length Five years (renewable)
Inaugural holder Benjamin Olson

The Presidency of Benjastan (Esperanto: Prezidanteco de Benjastano) is part of the Executive Branch of the Benjastanian Government. The current President of Benjastan is Benjamin Olson. The President is the head of state of Benjastan, and works with Congress to pass legislation.

The two persons, the President and Vice President of Benjastan are elected on a ticket every five years. The positions are complimentary, with the President focusing the executive aspects (such as law enforcement and labour relations) and foreign policy, while the Vice President works with legislative aspects.


The Presidency of Benjastan was formed when the Democratic Kingdom of Benjastan transitioned to be the Democratic Republic of Benjastan on 30 December 2017. Benjamin Olson was appointed by Congress to serve one term as President, which will expire on 30 December 2022. Olson does not intend to seek re-election.

List of Presidencies

# President Vice President In office Elections
1   Benjamin Olson
Sha'uri Ellis
  30 December 2017 – present
(5 years, 336 days)