President of Balzi

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President of Balzi (Balzian: Pangulo dos Balsi; Filipino: Pangulo ng Balsi), is the Head of State of the Republic of Balzi and it's residence is the Legue Palace, located in it's capital, the Legue City, Balzi. The Current holder of the Position is Christian Lapar since the resignation of Carl Miguel Salgado Victa on April 21, 2023.

President of Balzi
Pangulo dos Balsi
Seal of the Office of the President of Balzi
President of Balzi in the Legue Palace
President of Balzi
Christian Lapar

since April 21, 2023
Government of Balzi
Office of the President
StyleMr. President (informal)

The Honorable (formal)

His Excellency (diplomatic)
TypeHead of State
ResidenceLegue Palace
SeatHallensburg, Balzi
AppointerDirect popular vote
Term lengthTwo years, non-renewable
Constituting instrument2022 Constitution of Balzi
PrecursorPresident of Renderfeit
First holderCarl Miguel Salgado Victa

The Republic of Balzi will have a Second National Election in the year of 2024.