President of Caïd

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President of Caïd
President de Caïd
Joan Hereu i Coma

since January 13, 2017
StyleMr. President
The Honorable
His Excellency
ResidencePalau Presidencial (Presidential Palace)
NominatorParlament de Caïd
Appointer2019 Presidential Election
Term lengthFour Years
Inaugural holderFrancesc Julià de Caïdot

The President of Caïd (Catalan: President de Caïd) is considered the highest governmental position in the Caïd Republic. Being both, Head of State, the President of Caïd is elected by the people of Caïd every four years.

The inaugural holder was the General Francesc Julià de Caïdot until his death in 1969. The incumbent President is Mr. Joan Hereu i Coma since 2017.

Since 2019, the President of the Republic is elected by presidential elections.

Political Parties

  Independent (IND)

  United People's Syndicate (SPU)

  Tortimerist Democratic Party (PTD)

List of Presidents

# Picture Name Took office Left office Party
1 Francesc Julià de Caïdot 1922 1969 No party (Links to military and SPU)
2 Artur Marfany 1969 1973 United People's Syndicate (SPU)
3 Tortimer Kotobuki i Kappa 1973 2013 Tortimerist Democratic Party (PTD)
4 Lluís Saints i Raventós 2013 2017 United People's Syndicate (SPU)
5 Joan Hereu i Coma 2017 2019 United People's Syndicate (SPU) and Democratic Party of Caïd (PDC) in New Center Coalition (CNC)
6 Lluís Saints i Raventós 2019 2023 Independent
(With the support of the United People's Syndicate (SPU) in New Center Coalition (CNC))