President of Castile

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President of Castile
Luke of Castile

since 12 July 2022
Office of the President
StyleMr President (informal)
His Excellency (formal)
The Honourable (courtesy)
TypeHead of State
Inaugural holderLuke of Castile
Formation12 July 2022
DeputyPrime Minister of Castile

The President of Castile is the head of state in the Republic of Castile and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Castile.


The office of President is the oldest in the Republic of Castile. It was established on 12 July 2022.


Unlike most presidents in parliamentary republics, who are largely ceremonial figures, the Castilian president is invested with more extensive powers. Although it is the Prime Minister of Castile and parliament that oversee and direct much of the nation's actual governmental affairs, the president wields significant influence and authority over the nation. The president is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, holds the nation's most senior office, and outranks all other politicians.

The president's greatest powers are their ability to appoint the prime minister and the absolute power to withhold assent to Bills passed by Parliament meaning it cannot become law and this ability cannot be overridden by parliament. The president also has the discretionary power to dissolve parliament when they see fit.


  • Functions as Commander-in-Chief
  • Appointing the Chief of Defence Staff and Military Branch Chiefs of Staff
  • Dissolving of the Assembly of the Republic
  • Appointing the Prime Minister
  • Appointing all other Cabinet Ministers (typically on advice of the Prime Minister)
  • Declaring States of Siege and Emergency
  • Declaring War with the Confidence of Parliament
  • To Assent to or withhold Assent to Bills that Pass in Parliament
  • Ratification of International Treaties
  • Appoint and Dismiss Ambassadors and other Diplomatic Representatives
  • Passing Laws by Presidential Decree without Parliament
  • Appointing Supreme Court Justices

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