President of Etricia

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President of Etricia
Parisodel i Létricia (Etrician)
Emblem of the President
Parsa Adriatic

since 27 July 2022
StyleHis Excellency
Mr President
Member ofEtrician Chamber
ResidencePalace of the People, Redstone
SeatEtrician Chamber Building, Redstone
AppointerElected by the citizens
Term lengthLife
Formation27 July 2022
Unofficial namesEtrician Premeir
DeputyVice President of Etricia

The President of Etricia (Etrician: Parisodel i Létricia) is the head of state of the Etrician Federal Republic and is the most powerful person in Etricia.

The office was established in Late July 2022 by Parsa Adriatic after the Etrician Revolution.