President of Highland

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President of the
Highland Commonwealth
Uachtarán an Chomhlathais Highland
Seal of the Office of the President of Highland.png
Presidential Seal
2023 Presidential Banner of Highland.png
Presidental Standard
Aiden Sullivan Portrait.png
Aiden Sullivan

since 9 September 2022
TypeHead of State
Member ofThe Cabinet of Highland
AppointerPopular vote
Term length3 years
renewable once consecutively
Inaugural holderAiden Sullivan
Formation11 July 2022; 10 months ago (2022-07-11)
DeputySpeaker of Parliament

The President of Highland, officially the President of the Highland Commonwealth is the head of state of Highland. The president represents the nation in international relations and micronational relations, administers the foreign political activity of the state, conducts negotiations and concludes international/micronational treaties. The president is directly elected by the citizens of Highland for a three-year term of office (whether the presidential election is early or scheduled), limited to two terms consecutively.

The president's official residence wherever they live at the time of their election, it is mostly located within the Northern Kentucky region. The Office of the President of Highland, serves as the presidential office, advising the president in the domestic, foreign and legal matters.

Aiden Sullivan is the President of Highland, who took the oath of office on 9 September 2022


The president is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Highland Armed Forces, and heads the Cabinet and National Security and Defense Council, which advises the president, co-ordinates and controls executive power in the sphere of national security and defense.

As with the separation of powers, the president has checks on the authority of parliament and the judicial system. For instance, any law passed by the parliament can be vetoed by the president; however, parliament can override their veto with a 2/3 majority vote. The president has limited authority to disband the Parliament of Highland and nominates candidates for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defense in the Highland Cabinet. Six out of eighteen of the Supreme Court judges are appointed by the president. Decisions of the president are subject to review by Highland's courts with the Supreme Court having the sole authority and power to declare decrees of the president unconstitutional. While in office, the president enjoys the right of immunity.

History of the position

The office of President of Highland was created when the Highland Commonwealth was declared on 11 July 2022.


In the event that a president is incapable of committing their duties as president, the speaker of Parliament becomes the acting president until a new president is elected. The acting president is not given the authority to address the nation and parliament, dismiss the legislative branch and appoint candidates for parliamentary approval of government and judicial posts. The acting president cannot call for a referendum, grant military ranks and state orders and exercise their right of pardon. There are no constitutional provisions for presidential succession in case both the president and speaker's posts are vacant.

List of Presidents of Highland

  Denotes Acting President
No. Portrait President
Elected Term of office Prime Minister
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Aiden Sullivan Portrait.png Aiden Sullivan
(born 2004)
2022 9 September 2022
- 274 days Wood