President of New Melanesia

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President of New Melanesia
Presidente de Nueva Melanesia
Seal of the President
Luke of Wellmoore

since 13 July 2022
Office of the President
StyleMr President (informal)
His Excellency (formal)
The Honourable (courtesy)
TypeHead of state
Member ofCouncil of State
SeatOra De Goto'akau
PrecursorChairman of Member Council
Inaugural holderLuke of Wellmoore
Formation13 July 2022
First holderLuke of Wellmoore
Superseded byProject Leader of New Melanesia
DeputyPrime Minister of New Melanesia

The President of New Melanesia is the head of state in the Republic of New Melanesia.


The office of president is the oldest in the Republic of New Melanesia. It was founded on 13 July 2022 and succeeds the office of Project Leader of the New Melanesia Project/Chairman of the New Melanesia County Council.


  • Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
  • Appointing the Chief of Defence Staff and Military Branch Chiefs of Staff
  • Dissolving of the Assembly of the Republic
  • Appointing the Prime Minister
  • Appointing all Cabinet Ministers (typically on advice of the Prime Minister)
  • Declaring States of Emergency
  • Declaring War with the Confidence of the Prime Minister
  • To Assent to or withhold Assent to Bills that Pass in Parliament, without it being Overruled by Parliament
  • Ratification of International Treaties
  • Appoint, Receive and Dismiss Ambassadors
  • Passing Laws by Executive Order without Parliament
  • Nominating Supreme Court Justices and Appointing the Chief Justice


The president is elected by parliament. The Assembly of the Republic is permitted to nominate 1 candidate per party in parliament. The Assembly then vote on each candidate and whichever candidate receives the most votes is then sworn in as president.

If, however, the outgoing president dismisses parliament before a new president is elected then a special election is held where the population elects the president by direct election from a few, party nominated, candidates.

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