President of New South Canberra

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President of the New South Canberrian Republic
Presidential Standard
StyleMr President (informal)
His Excellency
ResidenceHouse of President of the Republic, New South Canberra City
AppointerNew South Canberran Parliament
Term lengthfive months, renewable
Constituting instrumentConstitution of New South Canberra
Inaugural holderSir Robert Anderson
Formation29 March 2020; 3 years ago (2020-03-29)
Salary£23,000 QND

The President of New South Canberra, officially denoted as President of the New South Canberrian Republic is the head of state of New South Canberra. In that role, the officeholder represents national unity, guarantees that New South Canberran politics comply with the Constitution of New South Canberra and is the head of the New South Canberran Armed Forces. The president's term of office lasts for five months. The current holder is former Constitutional Judge Albert William John, who was elected on 1 November 2021.

Presidential symbols

This is customary for the president of the Republic of New South Canberra, upon completion the president-elected is sworn in and receives presidential symbols:

Presidential sash

The presidential sash, used initially by Sir Robert Anderson, became a symbol of the authority of the first president, Sir Robert Anderson took this sash tradition from Chile. The presidential sash is based on the sash of the Order of National Coat of Arms of the New South Canberra in class Grand Collar, with the Coat of Arms of the presidential office, approximately 75 cm long and 13 cm wide.

Presidential baton

The Presidential baton is the President's supreme symbol to represent the status of the Commander-in-Chief of the New South Canberra Armed Forces. It was first presented when President Dame Margaret Canuja was built by the armed forces for use in the National Day parade ceremonies to represent the status of commander-in-chief of the New South Canberra Armed Forces and at the end of her term of office, she handed over the Presidential baton to the new president as a symbol of true power delivery

Presidents of the New South Canberrian Republic

No. Portrait President
Term of office Prime Minister
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Sir Robert Anderson
(born 2001)
29 March 2020 29 August 2020 153 days Thompson
2 Dame Margaret Canuja
(born 2003)
29 August 2020 15 November 2020 78 days Marguerite
3 Ms. Beatrix Judiana
(born 2003)
15 November 2020 23 March 2021 128 days Marguerite
4 Ms. Theresa Hunnerberg
(born 2000)
23 March 2021 31 October 2021 222 days Marguerite
5 Mr. Albert John
(born 2002)
31 October 2021 24 September 2022 328 days Hawkey-Jeffery