President of Oshad

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The President of Oshad is the Head of state of the Republic of Oshad. The President sits as a chair of the State Council of Oshad and the chair of the Cabinet of Oshad. The President of Oshad is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Oshad.

President of Oshad
Präsident von Oshad
Luke of Oshad

since 9 October 2021
Office of the President
State Council of Oshad
Presidential Council of Oshad
Cabinet of Oshad
StyleHis Excellency (formal)
Mr President (informal)
TypeHead of State
Member ofState Council of Oshad
Cabinet of Oshad
Presidential Council
Reports toState Council of Oshad
ResidenceOshad City
SeatOshad City
AppointerOutgoing President
Term lengthLife Tenure
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Oshad
Formation9th of October 2021
First holderLuke of Oshad
DeputyVice President of Oshad
Prime Minister of Oshad


The role of President of Oshad was founded on the 9th of October 2021 immediately after the foundation of the Republic of Oshad.

Legislative Powers

Article I of the Constitution gives the President total power over the nation.

Signing and Vetoing Acts of Parliament

The President has the power to approve or deny any Act of Parliament proposed by the Prime Minister of Oshad or the State Council.

Setting the Agenda

The President may set the legislative agenda for any State Council meetings.

Convening and Adjourning the State Council

The President has the full power to call State Council Meetings and adjourn them. As well as this the President may also dissolve or suspend government as and when they please.

Appointing the Prime Minister

The President may appoint and fire the Prime Minister of Oshad at their own will. Typically the Prime Minister is the Deputy Chair of the Utopian Party.

Executive Powers

The President is oblidged to ensure the execution and enforcement of all laws passed in the Republic.

Administrative Powers

The President has the duty to appoint and dismiss members of the Cabinet of Oshad. As the Chair of the Cabinet the President may call and adjourn meeting of the cabinet.

Foreign Affairs

The President may act as an Ambassador for the Republic and may receive Ambassadors on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Oshad. The President may also declare war on other nations without the need to consult the Prime Minister or the State Council.

Leadership Roles

Head of State

As Head of State the President represents the Government of Oshad to its own people and to the rest of the micronational community.

The President has some ceremonial duties such as hosting a ceremony at state visits.

Head of Party

The President is always the Chairman of the Utopian Party and has duties to maintain the party as well as the government while in office.

Selection Process

The Outgoing President always names an individual to take over their role in parliament and in the party before they quit or later in their life.

Typically the named successor is the incumbent Prime Minister of Oshad or the Vice President of Oshad.

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