President of Spainsia

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The President of the Spainsia Republic is the head of state of Spainsia.

President of the Spainsia Republic
Presidente de la República de Españasia
Colin de Spainsia

since 3 February 2022
Office of the President
StyleHis Excellency (formal)
Mr President (informal)
TypeHead of State
Member ofCabinet of Spainsia

Council of the Republic

House of Representatives
AppointerDirect Election
Term length5 Years, Renewable
Formation3 February 2022
First holderColin de Spainsia
DeputyChancellor of Spainsia


The Spainsia Republic is a Semi-Presidential System and the President wields a significant power. Despite the fact the Chancellor is Head of Government, the Spainsian President holds significant influence and authority.

The President has the power to appoint the Chancellor of Spainsia, however as they're typically people are nominated by parliament and should wield the confidence of the Government so the President typically bases his or her decisions on this.


To be eligible to take office as President an individual must:

  • Have Spainsian Citizenship and have held it for a minimum of 3 months
  • Be above the age of 16
  • Be fluent in English, Spanish or Both
  • Graduate or be expected to Graduate High-School (or equivalent)


The powers currently held by the President are as follows:

  • The President has Authority as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces
  • The President may dissolve the Government of the Spainsia Republic
  • Appointment of the Chancellor
  • Declare States of Emergency under Consent of the Council of the Republic
  • Declare War and Make Peace
  • Sign or Veto Law Proposals
  • The President can Ratify International Treaties
  • The President may Appoint Ambassadors for the Nation
  • The President may Call for Elections before Terms End


The President is chosen by Direct Election once every five years. Officeholders may serve for an indefinite amount of terms as long as they can maintain the support and confidence of the public.

List of Presidents

Officeholder Term Party Chancellor(s)
Colin de Spainsia 3 February 2022 – Present Spainsia Nationalist Party None Appointed

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