President of Virardius

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President of Virardius
Prezidanto de Virardius
Picrew of the President
Sydney Knight

since 21 March 2022
Office of the President
StyleHis Excellency (formal)
Mr President (informal)
TypeHead of state
Member ofCabinet of Virardius
Chamber of Deputies
Reports toChamber of Deputies
NominatorInner VIRSOC Party
AppointerExecutive Committee of the VIRSOC Party
Term lengthLife tenure
Formation21 March 2022
First holderSydney Knight
DeputyPrime Minister of Virardius

The President of Virardius is the absolute head of state of the Republic of Virardius. The president holds total power over the republic and has a number of roles involving this.


The office of President was established on 21 March 2022, alongside the foundation of the Republic of Virardius and the nation's government.


Head of State

The role of President includes:

  • Chairing the Chamber of Deputies
  • Chairing the Cabinet
  • Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
  • Proposing Bills
  • Issuing Presidential Ascent to Proposed Bills
  • Appointing Governors, Mayors and Deputies
  • Commissioning Military Officers

Party Chairman

As Party Chairman the President's role includes:

  • Appointing Members to the Inner Party and Executive Committee
  • Appointing Party Officials
  • Creating Party Policy
  • Chairing Party Meetings


Presidents are selected by the executive committee of the VIRSOC Party. Candidates may be nominated by the Inner Party aspect of the VIRSOC Party.


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