President of the Socialist Republic of Cristoria

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President of the
Socialist Republic of Cristoria
Presidential Seal
Presidential Flag
StyleMr. President
The Honorable
TypeHead of government
Head of state
ResidenceThe Blue House[a]
SeatNew Toledo
AppointerElectorals of Cristoria
Term lengthFour years (another if voted in once more)
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the Socialist Republic of Cristoria[1]
Formation1 January 2023
First holderChristopher P.
Final holderChristopher P.
Abolished30 September 2023
DeputyDeputy President

The president of the Socialist Republic of Cristoria (POTSRC) was the head of the state, government, and foreign affairs in the Socialist Republic of Cristoria. The president lead the executive branch of Cristoria and was to be appointed to the commander-in-chief of the Cristorian Armed Forces.


The president of Cristoria was a crucial role within the Cristorian government and played a major role in the nation itself. Since it's founding in January 2023 and dissolution in September 2023, it only saw one incumbent, whom was Christopher P.

The power of the president was elaborated in Article II of the Cristorian Constitution, which says that the president must hold all executive power and every four years a new president must be elected, in accordance with the electoral votes from the Cristorian people.


The president was advised to use the presidential seal whenever signing official documents and was obligated to use the seal on any podium he or her would have been speaking at.

The president was also opted to fly either the national flag or the presidential flag on his or her motorcade, aircraft, watercraft, spacecraft, and anything that contained the president.


  1. The residence of the President is often referred to as the Blue House, mainly due to the walls being blue.