President of the Senate (Mediolaurentia)

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President of the Senate
State arms of Mediolaurentia
Banner of arms of Mediolaurentia
Jordan Silva, Countess of Pickleton

since 22 November 2021
Royal Government of Mediolaurentia
StyleNo official style
Her Excellency (current)
TypeGrand Officer of the Realm
StatusHead of the legislature
Member of
Reports toArchchancellor
ResidenceNo offical residence
NominatorThe Crown
Term length1 year,
Constituting instrumentConstitution on the Circumstances of Unification and Formation of the High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia
PrecursorChairman of the Unification Commission
Formation27 July 2022; 16 months ago (2022-07-27)
First holder(Current)
Unofficial namesSenate President
DeputyFirst Senator

The President of the Senate of the Realm, shortened often as merely Senate President is the presiding officer of the unicameral legislature of the High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia. It falls under the purview of the senate president's duty to chair its sessions and administrate its voting.