Prime Executive of Tinakula

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Prime Executive of Tinakula
Primer Ejecutivo de Tinakula
Office Abolished
Executive Council of Tinakula
Cabinet of Tinakula
AbbreviationPrime Exec
PrecursorPrime Executive of the Tinakula International Zone
Formation18th of October 2021
First holderAānaāk Desslok
Final holderAānaāk Desslok
Abolished13th of February 2022
Superseded byPresident of Tinakula
DeputyVice Executive of Tinakula

The Prime Executive of Tinakula was the Head of state in the Republic of Tinakula.



The role of Prime Executive of Tinakula was founded on the 18th of October 2021 after the Tinakula International Zone became the Republic of Tinakula.

Prime Executives

  • Aānaāk Desslok (18 October 2021 - 13 February 2022)


The Prime Executive was appointed by election, and was typically the leader of their political party.

Leadership Roles

Head of State

As head of state the Prime Executive of Tinakula represented the Republic's Government and nation to the nation's people and to the rest of the micronational community.

Head of Party

The Prime Executive was typically considered to be the head of his or her political party.

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