Prime Minister of Plushunia

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Prime Minister of Plushunia
Prim-ministrul Pluşuniei

Iepuraș Slobozan
since 13 September 2020

Style His/her Excellency
Residence 1 Industriilor Street, Plushunia
Appointer President of Plushunia
Has to pass the confidence vote of the Parliament
Term length From appointment until next legislative election (can resign or be dissmised by a motion of no confidence)
Inaugural holder Iepuroi Hop

The Prime Minister of Plushunia is the head of the Plushunian Government. The Prime Minister and their Cabinet (which consists of all the ministers and their respective departments) are part of the country's executive and are accountable individually and colectively to the Parliament, and the Parliament can vote to impeach a Minister or to remove collective confidence from the Cabinet. The incumbent Prime Minister is the Democrat Liberal politician Iepuraș Slobozan.

The Prime Minister is proposed by the President following consultations with the parliamentary parties, and he/she and his/her cabinet are sworn into office after passing a confidence vote from the Parliament.

The position is created by Article 13 of the Constitution of Plushunia, which states that "the Prime Minister is the head of the National Government". Prior to the adoption of the constitution in late July 2019, the position was created by convention. Between 2017 and June 2018 the Prime Minister was appointed by the President without the need of a motion of confidence from the Plushunian Parliament. Ever since the creation and formation of the Parliament the Government needs the formal confidence of the Parliament before being vested into office by the head of state.

List of Prime Ministers


  National Front
  Toys' Worker Party / Plushunian Socialist Party
  National Liberal Party
  Democratic Party / Democratic Liberal Party
  Social Democratic Party


# Portrait Name
Term of office Political Party
of the PM
Government Composition Legislature
Prime Minister of Plushunia
1 Iepuroi Hop
Leader of the National Front

Served for 242 days.
1 November 2017 1 July 2018 FN Hop I Cabinet CD - Ind. 1st legislature
June 2018 (elected October 2017)
The first Prime Minister of Plushunia, he was the only PM to be directly appointed by the President after the 2017 legislative elections, as the Parliament's role in investing the Government and the Prime Minister in office was not established in 2017. Established the main state institutions and created the first state owned enterprises. Developed Plushunian urban areas and built several important buildings. Although very popular in November in December, Hop's popularity declined in January and February after his Cabinet implemented several failed economic and social policies, and failing to organise the key state institutions in less than 3 months after the elections (as originally planned) and to manage the January and February conflicts. Lost control over Plushunia and became a government-in exile after being defeated in the February conflict. Returned to Plushunia in May and reconstructed the country, which was heavily damaged by the conflicts. In June, after months of disputes between the Liberals, the rest of CD and the opposition, it organised the Parliament according to the results of the 2017 election. Dismissed by a motion of no confidence after the Liberals withdrew their support following several disagreements regarding economy.
2 Ursu Polarescu
Member of the Plushunian Parliament
Leader of the Plushunian Socialist Party

Served for 258 days.

1 July 2018 1 August 2018 PMJ /
Polarescu I cabinet AS - Ind. 2nd legislature
June 2018 - March 2019 (elected June 2018)
1 August 2018 10 September 2018 Polarescu II Cabinet AS - FN - Ind.
10 September 2018 16 March 2019 AS - Ind.
First Prime Minister to come from a left-wing party. Appointed by the President from the majority coalition after the Social Alliance won a supermajority in the elections. Elaborated the first formalised laws and drafted the first constitution draft. Begun social and economic reforms. After the Democratic Party broke the coalition and left the Social Alliance, the Polarescu I cabinet was left without a majority in the Parliament, so Prime Minister Ursu Polarescu persuaded Iepuroi Hop to form a coalition with the Social Alliance, and the Polarescu I cabinet was restructured and became the Polarescu II cabinet. Proposed the "Plushunia's road to Socialism" programme, which was however poorly recieved by the middle class and the right-wing parties, leading to street protests, riots and rebellions, which later generated a full-scale civil war in Plushunia. After the Government forces partial victory in the war, remained PM of his Cabinet according to the Quadripartite Pact, however abandoned the "Plushunia's Road to Socialism" programme as part of his promise to make post-war concessions to the former rebels. Remained caretaker PM until resigning following the events of the "March coup".
Rilă Slobozeanu
Member of the Plushunian Parliament
Leader of the Social Democratic Party

Served for 16 days.

16 March 2019 1 April 2019 PSD Polarescu II Cabinet (interim) AS - Ind.
Serves as interim Prime Minister of Plushunia following the resignation of Ursu Polarescu, having previously served as Deputy Prime Minister. Organises the March 2019 snap elections, which are won by the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats, leading to a new cabinet being instated, his short term as Prime Minister thus ending.
3 Ghiță Purcel
Member of the Plushunian Parliament
Leader of the National Liberal Party

Served for 321 days
1 April 2019 1 July 2019 PNL Purcel I Cabinet ALDe - USP 3rd legislature
March 2019 - September 2019
1 July 2019 19 August 2019 Purcel II cabinet ALDe - USP
19 August 2019 20 September 2019 Purcel III Cabinet ALDe - DA
20 September 2019 1 November 2019 Purcel IV Cabinet ALDe - PC
(PSD support)
4th Legislature September 2019 - October 2019
1 November 2019 12 December 2019 Purcel V Cabinet ALDe - PSD 5th Legislature October 2019 - February 2020
12 December 2019 16 February 2020 PNL + PNȚCD + PC - PSD
First Liberal Prime Minister, formed second right-wing cabinet of Plushunia. Despite the ALDe - USP coalition won the March 2019 snap legislative election, he decided to act as a caretaker PM, with no important reforms being made during the term of his first cabinet. Invested resources in the Plushunian educational system and in scientific research. Rebuilt almost completely Plușeni, which was still devastated after the Civil War, replacing old and cramped Hop-era buildings with larger, more solid apartment blocks. Formed a grand coalition cabinet with the Social Democrats following a political scandal which left his first cabinet in minority.

His second cabinet started a large-scale micronational integration programme, which led to having Plushunia join the Union Against Micronational War and the Organisation of Active Micronations, and started several administrative, political and economical reforms, including the creation of a new Constitution of Plushunia. Formed a new center-right cabinet after the demise of the Purcel II grand coalition cabinet.

Breaks alliance with DA in September 2019, becomes the first Prime Minister of Plushunia to stay in office after an election (the Plushunian 2019 legislative election after forming a fragile minority cabinet relying on Social Democrat support. His cabinet survives a military coup attempt and the following civil conflict, bringing an end to the conflict by promising the organisation of snap elections and amnesty for most rebels and coup participants in exchange for stopping all hostilities against the government and the recognition of the Purcel IV cabinet (and all its constitutional successors) as the sole legitimate government of Plushunia. Re-instates unicameralism in Plushunia by amending the Constitution. Forms majority cabinet with the Social Democratic Party after the snap election, with the national economy enjoying a period of accelerated growth due to the massive privatisations and public spending made by the Purcel V cabinet. However, the cabinet's reputation is tainted by allegations of corruption, abuse of office, influence peddling and cronyism made against some of the cabinet's members, which are rumoured to have used their influence to appoint party members to administrate public companies and banks, as well as making dubious privatisations, selling shares of some public companies to PSD or Liberal-affiliated politicians and businessmen. Another such allegation is that the government helped some of these party-controlled companies obtain contracts for building infrastructure despite the fact that other companies offered to do so for a lower price.

The Liberal Alliance and PSD are though defeated in the December 2019 local elections by the Democratic Party, giving birth to tensions and conflicts within the Liberal-PSD coalition and weakened the Purcel V cabinet, which was dismissed by a motion of no confidence initiated by the opposition with the help of some anti-coalition MPs from the PNL+PNTCD+PC Alliance and PSD. Stays in office as interim cabinet until February due to parliamentary gridlock (making it impossible to form a new cabinet), with snap elections being eventually forced by the Democrats and other opposition parties

4 Iepuroi Hop
Mayor of Plușeni
Member of the Plushunian Parliament
Leader of the Democratic Liberal Party

Served for 161 days.
16 February 2020 8 June 2020 PD/PDL Hop II Cabinet PD - PND - PLD - UNPP - Ind. 6th legislature
(February - September 2020)
8 June 2020 26 July 2020 PDL - Ind.
Appointed Prime Minister following the February 2020 elections by a coalition led by his party (the PD), and involving three other lesser parties. Despite his rather unsatisfactory 2017-2018 term, Hop's new premiership was well-recieved by the population, his electoral promises revolving largely around legal issues, such as better law enforcement and an end to the corruption and cronyism of the Purcel era, as well as continuing the privatisations of the public companies in a fair manner. Started a crackdown on organised crime, which became more widespread during the late months of 2019, destroying most crime networks by March 2020 and capturing their leaders by May. However, his plans to improve the judiciary system and to continue the economic growth of the past months were hindered by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted the country's economy, still relying heavily on imports. In order to ameliorate the economic situation, he and his cabinet enforced two waves of unpopular austerity measures (the first in April and the second in June), raising the VAT from 15% to 25%, profit taxes from 20% to 30% and the income tax from 20% to 30%, and cutting wages in the public sector by 20%, the money saved through austerity being used to sustain the increased number of unemployed and, starting from June 2020, to stimulate investments and economic activity. However, the National Democratic Party, opposing the harsher, second austerity wave, withdraws from the government coalition, the Hop II cabinet becoming a minority government. Hop continues to serve as PM during a time of prolonged economic and political crisis for almost two months. Enacts an electoral reform, changing the number of seats in the Plushunian Parliament from 20 to 25 and replacing the proportional-party list system for the election of the Plushunian Parliament with a mixed-member system in which 17 MPs are elected proportionally and 8 through a first-past-the-post system from 8 electoral constituencies. However, the reform is carried out through an emergency ordinance, without consulting the Parliament, the opposition viewing this act as an abuse of power and tables a motion of no confidence on 22 July. On 24 July the motion passes the vote in the Plushunian Parliament and the Hop II cabinet is finally dismissed after being pressured for weeks to resign by both the opposition, the Plushunians protesting against wage cuts and even by members of the PDL, led by Judy Hop, who thought that staying in government during a crisis is harmful for the party's reputation. Went on to remain interim PM until 26 June 2020, when a new government was sworn into office.
5 Rilă Slobozeanu
Member of the Plushunian Parliament
Leader of the Social Democratic Party

Served for 49 days.
26 July 2020 13 September 2020 PSD Slobozeanu I Cabinet PSD - AL - PND - Ind.
The first Prime Minister of Plushunia to come from the Social Democratic Party, Rilă Slobozeanu entered office supported by a coalition comprising the PSD, the Liberal Alliance and the National Democratic Party, 2 days after the same coalition toppled Iepuroi Hop's Democrat Liberal administration. The three political forces had been negotiating for weeks a coalition against the PDL government despite the many political and ideological differences between them, supporting Slobozeanu as a caretaker PM set to govern until the August elections. Enacts an administrative reform, dividing Plushunia in municipalities, which are in turn divided in communes/sectors. Attempts to pass an economic reform on 23 August, without succeeding though because of the Liberal Alliance's refusal to support the economic plans of the Social Democrats (which involved increased public spending, eliminating all subventions and financial incentives for investors created by the Hop II cabinet in order to stimulate investment-based economic growth, while raising the wages in the public sector, the minimum wage and the minimum guaranteed income in order to stimulate consumption-based economic growth). Tries to enact a new electoral reform (since the mixed-member system disadvantaged the Social Democrats), however his plans are once again thwarted by the Liberals (who were advantaged by the new electoral system).
6 Iepuraș Slobozan
Member of the Plushunian Parliament

Served for 1104 days.
13 September 2020 11 December 2020 PDL Slobozan I cabinet PDL - AL - Ind. 7th legislature
September 2020 - March 2021
11 December 2020 4 January 2021 PDL - Ind.
4 January 2021 21 March 2021 Slobozan II cabinet PDL - Ind.
(UNPP, PND support)
21 March 2021 incumbent Slobozan III cabinet PDL - Ind. 8th legislature
March 2021 – present
Second Prime Minister to come from the Democratic Liberal Party and first Prime Minister not to be a party leader, being supported by a center-right coalition between the Liberal Alliance and the Democratic Liberal Party. Reduces austerity measures and eliminates most of the salary cuts enacted by the Hop II cabinet, while continuing the stimulus program started by Hop, decreasing the profit tax from 30% to 20% and the income tax from 30% to 25%. Announces plans to continue the judicial reforms started by the Hop II cabinet and declares that "the Government will honor its promise to bring law and justice to Plushunia", stating that "By December the judicial organs we will create will have started investigations in all major corruption scandals which have plagued our country in the past three years". Starts major infrastructure projects in Plușeni and New Plușeni, in collaboration with the local authorities of the said municipalities, and finally enacts a judicial reform, restructuring the courts and prosecutor's offices, and founding an intranational secret service, the Plushunian Informations Service, that is allowed to gather information on criminal cases and use it for prosecution (unlike in neighboring Romania). His cabinet becomes a PDL minority government after the Liberal Alliance decided to leave the coalition following several disagreements with their Democrat Liberal partners.


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