Prime Minister of Lostisland

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Prime Minister of Lostisland
Premier van Lostisland
Lostisland Başbakanı
Премьер-министр Лостайленда
The Right Honourable
Alexander Karapavlovič

Formation 5 April 2013 (Official)

Term length De Jure: Two years
De Facto: Unlimited

Appointed by President of Lostisland

Inaugural holder Alexander Karapavlovič

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Lostisland, also known as the Federal Prime Minister is the head of government of the Federal Republic of Lostisland. According to the Lostislandic order of precedence, the position of prime minister is ceremonially the second most important Lostislandic state office; however, in reality, the prime minister is the most powerful and thus truly most important person in the Lostislandic government.


According to the constitution the Prime Minister and his cabinet of ministers have executive power in the Federal Republic.

Article 28

Although the Prime Minister is being elected on the Universal voting, according to the Article XXVIII of the Constitution the first election will take place once a regular settlement is established on the territory of the Federal Republic, and until that Alexander Karapavlovič serves as Prime Minister, thus resulting in a De facto Dictatorship.


# Portrait Name Party Took Office Left Office
1 Alexander Karapavlovič Freedom and Democracy 5 April 2013 present

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