Prince/Princess of Apsion

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Prince/Princess of Apsion
Príncipe/Princesa de Apsion
Kingdom of Wellmoore
House of Wellmoore
StyleHis (Her) Royal Highness
TypeHeir Apparent
Member ofHouse of Wellmoore
Reports toMonarch of Wellmoore
ResidenceMidnight Palace along with the Monarch
AppointerMonarch of Wellmoore
based upon Order of Birth
Term lengthLife tenure or until accession as Sovereign
Formation14 March 2020
Unofficial namesCrown Prince/Princess

Prince/Princess of Apsion is a title traditionally and ceremonially granted to the w:Heir_apparent Heir Apparent of the Wellmoorean Throne].


As Title of Heir Apparent

The holder of the title of Prince or Princess of Apsion has always been the Heir Apparent since the creation of the title on 14 March 2020.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Prince/Princess of Apsion is the heir apparent of the Monarch of the Kingdom of Wellmoore. No formal public role or responsibility has been legislated.

The Prince/Princess often assists the King in the performance of his duties, for example, representing the King when welcoming dignitaries to Midnight City and attending state dinners during state visits.

The Prince/Princess is also Deputy Head of the House of Wellmoore.

Holders of the title are permitted by the current monarch to serve as a commissioned officer in the Armed Forces of Wellmoore.

Heir Apparent VS Heir Presumptive

The title Prince or Princess of Apsion is given only to the Heir Apparent — somebody who cannot be displaced in the succession to the throne by any future birth.


The Prince or Princess of Apsion is always the Monarch of Wellmoore's Heir Apparent. When they succeed the throne, their heir apparent (if any at the time of succession) is promoted to the title of Prince or Princess of Apsion.

The titleholder is also the Heir Apparent of the role of Co-President of Tinakula. When they succeed as Monarch of Wellmoore, they also take office as Co-President.

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