Prince of Artaghe

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Prince of Artaghe
StyleHis Serene Highness
Heir presumptiveIsabela, Hereditary Princess of Artaghe
First monarchTarik

Prince of Artaghe (Artaghean: Løfðingur åv Ártæg) is a symbolic title of nobility that once formally designated the constitutional monarch of the now defunct Principality of Artaghe, a short-lived Valtir Sector micronation founded in 2012 by Tarik Kârjasary, who was the first Prince of Artaghe. The Artaghean word for Prince, løfðingur, is derived from the Icelandic word höfðingi, meaning "chief".

As the state religion of Artaghe, the Prince was initially required to be a member of the Church of Satan, a requirement that was retired after the dissolution of the Principality in October 2012. The Prince was also by virtue of their title Maestre of the Order of the Baphomet, a title that now belongs to the King of the Valtirians in Sabia and Verona.

After the dissolution of the Principality, the title was formally granted to Lucas Campos, Anax of Koss, who had ruled over Artaghe before the formation of the Union, in the times of the Kossian Empire.

Line of succession

The current line of succession is formed by the Prince's sister, as stipulated by the Prince himself. The only house in the line of succession is the House of Petria

Current Monarch: Lucas

  1. Isabela, Hereditary Princess of Artaghe

List of Princes

Name Portrait Reign Reign duration House Nation Claim
Tarik Kodavái Karjasari
8 August
18 October
2 months, 11 days House of Kârjasary Artaghe Founder of the Principality of Artaghe
Lucas Campos
18 October
present 10 years, 11 months, 4 days House of Petria Koss Title ceded by former Prince