Principality of Attacottia

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Principality of Attacottia

Official language: Holcetaean English
Capital: Bostrohom
Date founded: Ogronnos 2510(Coligny Calendar)

Number of citizens: ?
Number of active citizens: ?

Religion: Agnostic
Government: Monarchy
Current leader: HSH Prince I'ohn I
Currency: Imperial Oro, O<

Demonym: Attacotti, Holcetaean
National animal: ?
National food: ?
National drink: Beer
Nation's Total GDP: ?

The Principality of Attacottia is an original realm of the empire. The Prince(Holcetaea) of Attacottia is I'ohn, 1st Count of Bostroholm.


Assembly of The Principalities: Any citizens of the Principalities are allowed to raise and vote on issues. The Assembly democratically elects two Representatives to the Imperial Council. The Assembly may demand that an issue be dealt with by gaining a simple majority, then the Prince Elect is obliged to bring it before the Council as the Will of The People.

Geography and Landmarks

The Avonamawr River flows through Attacottia's land. The terrain includes forest, plains, and small hills. Attacottia is bordered by Rhaetia, Novantaea, Icenia, and the United States of America.