Principality of Fergustein

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[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Principality of Fergustein]]
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CurrencyFergustinian Pound
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The Principality of Fergustein is a prominent sovereign micronation, with a constitutional (but also absolute) monarchy. The Principality was established in July of 2004 and went online in December 2005. The Government is made up of an Upper House (the Royal Parliament) and a Lower House (the Senate). The Royal Parliament is made up of several ministers, including the Prime Minister, and a Crown Representative. The Senate is represented by 1 Royal Duke, 3 Dukes, and 2 Marquesses, who hold responsibility over their duchies/marquessates, and is chaired by the Senator-General, Lord Cannon. There is a reliable news service, the Fergustein News Network ([1]) which is controlled by Director-General Peter Danforth, who is the only baron in the state's peerage.


In March 2006 HSH Prince Robert I abdicated and renounced the throne, calling on the state to be dissolved and the titles handed over to the Princely House of Liechtenstein. However, with the dramatic public outcry and the success of the Defence Minister's "Official Campaign to Save Fergustein" Parliament voted 5 to 1 to force the Prince to reconsider. With such strong support, the Prince conceded and nominated the interim Head of State and Duke of Coslington, Sir Philip van Roman-Wellington, to succeed him. Prince Robert became known as HRH Crown Prince Robert, Duke of Stein, and granted 16 peerages at a reception in the Winter Palace in the same month, mainly in recognition of General McArthur's campaign.


The Map of Fergustein

The Principality is divided into 1 Royal Duchy, 3 Duchies, and 2 Marquessates. These are, respectively and in order of precedence: Stein, Albany, Coslington, Montforth, Beaumont and Melby. Each of these sends one Senator to Parliament. These areas are further sub-divided into Earldoms, Viscountcies, and Baronies.

For more detailed information, the Government website ([2]) is useful. The Fergustein forums ([3]) are also open to the wider world.