Principality of Handme

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Principality of Handme
Flag of the Steve™ Kingdom.svg
Flag of Handme
and largest city
Handme City
Official languagesEstonian (official)
• Monarch
Sander I
Hans I
Establishment15 June 2021
• Total
0.02 km2 (0.0077 sq mi)
• (as of 2022) census
CurrencyRevalian Livre
Time zoneGMT+3
Preceded by
Steve™ Kingdom
Today part ofRevalia

Principality of Handme is an administrative region in Revalia. It joined Kingdom of Revalia on the 15th of June 2021. It is led by Prince Hans I. As of February 2022, it consists of 2 cities, the capital Handme is the most populus one.


As steve™ Kingdom dissolved, Hans' Kingdom was created. Hans' Kingdom reached out to other Estonian micronations, thus meeting Sander II of Revalia. Hans I and Sander II became good friends and after Sander II offered to join Hans' Kingdom with Revalia, granting Hans I a prestigious rank, Hans I was glad to accept the offer.