Principality of New South Queensland

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Principality of New South Queensland
Coat of arms
Motto: Honora omnibus supereminet (Latin: Honor Above All Else)
Anthem: God Save the King

North Western Antarctica
CapitalSt. Regis
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Prime Minister
Count Steven I
• Monarch
Grand Duke William I
• Governor
Baron Anthony I , Lord Joe I
• (as of 2013) census
Time zone(UTC)

The Principality of New South Queensland started as a non-territorial micronation founded on April 1st 2010 and Reconstituted on April 1, 2013 with its sovereign claim to land on the continent of Antarctica.


The micronation of New Queensland came about in early 2010, incorporated after the monarch Grand Duke William I did a study of the Principality of Sealand. It was organized as a homage to The British Empire, more named after The Queen than the Australian State of the same name. The nation sat on the shelf until recently when William decided to dust it off and make a "serious" effort at it. It was renamed New South Queensland after deciding to relocate the territory to Antarctica.

History of the Nation

In 2010 the current monarch of the Principality, Grand Duke William I, did a study of the Principality of Sealand. It was at that point he decided to create his own Principality. On April 1, 2010, along with friends and family, they began to organize their government. It became a "non-territorial" nation, existing only in the sovereignty of the internet. The project stalled in early 2011 due to external issues. But recently the Duke has been studying other Micronations and their effect on the political landscape and decided to resume the project. It is pending Observer Status to the Antarctic Micronational Union giving it a physical presence that they are planning on building upon.

History of the Monarch

William I comes from a long and historical British family, dating back to 1066. William does not claim British nobility, although there has been, non-hereditary nobility in the family on more than one occasion (including several knights OBE and a Lord Mayor of London), as well as a Coat of Arms grant to the family in the 1500's.

Tiring of the politics of the world in 2013, William strives to bring back traditional values. Rather than claim sovereignty of land that cannot br rightly claimed as his, he has decided to claim available land on one of the last unspoiled land masses on the planet.

It is his goal to maintain the preservation of this region (as well as conservation efforts across the globe).

Government and politics

The Principality does have a Royal family: Grand Duke William I (1st Baron of St. Regis, Lord of Appenzel, King of the College of Arms, Knight Marshal of Sovereign Military Order of the Shadow, Grand Admiral - Combined Naval/Coast Guard Forces)
Grand Duchess Heather (Baroness of St Regis, Lady of Appenzel, Dame Commander of the Order of the Shadow)
Duchess Brittany (Lady of St. Regis, Lady of Appenzel)
Princess Amelia (Lady of St. Regis)

But it is also governed by a duly elected parliamentary government:

Count Steve H - Prime Minister. Sheriff of New South Queensland , General standing Army Forces. Knight Grand Commander Order of the Shadow.
Baron Anthony A - Lord Governor of St. Regis, Constable of St Regis, Speaker of House of Lords, General of standing Marine Forces. Knight Grand Commander Order of the Shadow.
Lord Joe Q - Lord Governor of St. Bernard, Constable of St. Bernard, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of External Security, Ambassador to US, Knight Grand Commander Order of the Shadow.
Lord Gary E - Lord Governor of St. Domenic, Constable of St. Domenic, Lord President of the New South Queensland Port Authority, General of standing Air Forces. Knight Commander Order of the Shadow.
Lord Steve H -Minister of Internal Security, Minister of Propaganda and Public Relations, General combined Reserve Forces, Knight Commander Order of the Shadow.

While the Principality has a House of Lords, it is the House of Commons that does most of the legislation. The three City States that have their own elected Governors (shown above), a seat in the House of Lords, and a number of Commons representatives based on population.

The City States can make their own laws in addition to the national laws, but local laws cannot supersede the national.

The Principality also has a College of Arms, a Port Authority, a National Highway System, and Environmental Protection Agency and a Department of Homeland Security

Nobility and Citizenship

Currently within the Principality, there are THREE paths to nobility:

1) Hereditary: If a member of your family is a Lord or above you automatically inherit their title upon their death. Unlike some nations, this applies to male or female lines of succession.

These Include:


2) Generous Donation: For a limited time the Principality will offer nobility to "generous" benefactors who help us build our nature preserves, highway and port facilities and out power plants, as well as those purchasing LARGE tracts of land. This is a limited offer, in order to not lessen the prestige of nobility.

3) Honours: From time to time, exceptional citizens can be inducted into the Sovereign Military Order of the Shadow, the Crown's Chivalric fraternal organization. These honours are generally reserved for the Monarch, but can be influenced by votes from the House of Lords.

These include:

Knight Marshal (There can only be one KM, currently the Monarch)
Knight/Dame Grand Cross
Knight/Dame Commander

These titles are NOT hereditary, they are ONLY afforded the person they are granted to for his lifetime only. However this DOES give the family the right to a Coat of Arms.

Law and order

Each City State is ultimately responsible for it's own law enforcement and judicial system with a Constable as the top law enforcement officer and a Magistrate as judge.

There DOES exist a nationalized enforcement office (under the authority of the Sheriff of Queensland), as well as internal and external intelligence services for matters that cannot be handled on the local level.

In times of Martial Law, the Monarch has final authority, and the Crown reserves the right to deploy military forces if needed.

Foreign relations

Because the Principality has only recently declared intent to lay claim to their new home in Antarctica, it does not currently have any foreign relations with any other Micronations. But it is currently pending Observer Status of the Antarctic Micronational Union, and plans on building up new relations from there.


The Principality supports all standard military divisions. With branches for the Combined Navy/Coast Guard, Army, Marines, Air Force and Reserve units. As well as Clandestine services.

Geography and climate

Obviously being a sub Arctic continent, the weather tends to be on the cool side. According to Weather Underground, the temperature range in the region can go from a high in the mid 30's F to the low of -40F. It CAN be harsh, but not TOTALLY unlivable. Because of the extreme temperature swings, plus the ever presence of ice and snow, it is recommended that residents have 4WD vehicles properly insulated against the cold, and heach home should have an emergency solar panel system to power secondary heat sources


The Principality runs on the Euro currency system. Currently our major export is... Ice, to be used for various shipping needs as well as cooling needs. We are currently investigating renewable energy sources, Solar and Wind power, that we will be able to export to our neighboring nations at a reasonable fee. The Port of New South Queensland is also open to trade with our neighbors. Landlocked nations are welcome to use our port facilities for import/export purposes, as well as utilizing our national Highway system. Both of these will operate on a tariff basis, but we will keep the fees reasonable to cover our operating costs.


Most national media will be disseminated by the Internet, via website, web magazine/newspaper and internet radio. This makes the operations flexible and cost efficient.