Principality of Phokland

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This article contains information for the now defunct Principality of Phokland, for the current incarnation of the state see Phoklandian Free State.
Principality of Phokland (eng)
Das Fürstentum Phokland (de)
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
'Motto: 'Lucrum Per Dispendii Nobis
Anthem: "Lord Save the Prince"
Largest cityBorder City
Official languagesEnglish, German, and Welsh
GovernmentSkillocratic Monarchy
• Monarch
Charles I of Phokland
• Prime Minister
Sir James Ellis
Establishment13 December 2017
• Census
Preceded by
Succeeded by
People's Republic of Phokland
Viceroyalty of Phokland

The Principality of Phokland (sometimes referred to incorrectly as the Tsardom of Phokland) was a "New-Nation Project" (more commonly referred to as a micronation) which claimed to be a politically sovereign semi-independent governmental body with territorial claims made in areas within the borders of the U.S. state of Arizona and the Italian Republic. The nation was created as a political experiment, designed to prove that a nation's government can be successfully ran by young adults/teenagers.


The Principality of Phokland was first conceived by it's founders, Duke Brock Lang and Prince Charles I as a political experiment. This experiment would be to prove that "teenagers" were capable of running a government successfully. The idea was created in response to the two founders becoming angry at their home nation's lack of respect towards younger people and it's lack of governmental representation for "teenagers" and "young adults".

Initial Independence

On the evening of 13 December 2017, Prince Charles I (then Prime Minister) and Duke Brock Lang (then Minister of Defense) ratified the first Phoklandian Declaration of Independence, thus establishing the country as a Democratic Republic.

People's Republic of Phokland

From 13 December 2017 until 27 April 2018, Phokland functioned as a Democratic Republic, with Charles Aelred Ross serving as the nation's first Prime Minister. During this time, the country saw the establishment of it's first governing body, The Emergency Senate as well as the acquisition of Phokland's first official area of territory as the result of a land purchase by Prime Minister Ross. This time period also saw the beginning Phoklad's relationship with the now defunct Empire of Lanzantonia.

Origional map of the then People's Republic of Phokland territorial land claim

Phoklandian Unification

Between the 26th and 27 April, 2018 the then People's Republic of Phokland suffered a national crisis when the former Defense Minister, Duke Brock Lang resigned from his position and (for the most part) left the nation. This event left Prime Minister Ross as the only active citizen of the country. Due to this, it was decided that the Prime Minister would become a Prince and that the nation would be re-established as a Principality.

Hours after this decision, Duke Brock Lang changed his mind about leaving the country and was shortly thereafter appointed to the role of Prime Minister, a position that he occupied until he was voted out of office during the 2018 elections replacing him with the incumbent Prime Minister, Sir James Ellis.

Reign of Prince Charles I

Following the Phoklandian Unification, Prime Minister Charles Ross was declared Monarch of the now Principality of Phokland. Under this new government, the nation saw a rise in population, growing from two people in April of 2018 to thirty three by October of that same year. The new government also formalized the military of Phokland and entered into diplomatic relations with other states such as the Republic of Bonumland and The United Micronational Assembly. Following several months in this state, Phokland was approached by the Principality of Domanglia who offered to annex it as a Viceroyalty. This was excepted, and on 4 November 2018, the Principality ceased to exist.


The Principality of Phokland was a constitutional monarchy, with a monarch as head of government and a prime minister as head of state. The Prime Minister had complete control over all interior affairs in regards to non-governmental offices, and was tasked with advising the monarch on non-governmental affairs. The Prime Minister also had emergency power to overrule decisions made by the monarch if such decisions were found to be detrimental to the well being of the nation.

There were four main departments in the government of Phokland: the House of the Monarch, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Office of the Phoklandian Coast Guard, and the Defense Office. With the exception of the Monarch, the holders of these and all other electable government positions were (supposed to be) elected every two years on the 1st of October (the anniversary of the date that the idea of Phokland was first conceived). Any individual who is elected to any of these offices could re-run as many times as they like. If no individuals ran for any of these offices, the siting monarch would appoint an individual over the age of thirteen to fill the position until the next election.

The final holders of each governmental office are as follows:

  • Monarch: HL Prince Charles I
  • Prime Minister: Sir James Ellis
  • Press Minister: HL Prince Charles I
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: N/A (Position held in acting by Prime Minister)
  • Director of The Phoklandian Coast Guard: Lady Leilani Gabriel
  • Minister of Defense: Minister Chloe Graham
  • Director of The Phoklandian Border Patrol: Captain Nums
  • Chief Justice of the Phoklandian State Court: The Honorable Kevin M. Ross

Royals and nobility

The last Prince of Phokland was Prince Charles I, and the last heir apparent is Princess Kaidyn I.

Phokland bestowed titles of nobility, the current holders of such being:

  • Lady Leilani Gabriel of The Border
  • Lilith Collins Duchess of The Grasslands
  • Brock Lang Duke of Fort Portland

National Holidays

Date Name Purpose
1 January New Year's Day Celebrates the incoming year.
30 January Prince Day Birthday of Prince Charles I.
27 April Monarch Day Celebrates the founding of the Phoklandian monarchy.
25 August John McCain Day Marks the date of former United States Senator John McCain's death.
1 October (every other year) Election Day Voting Day for all government positions.
7 October Maxine Ross Memorial Day Day of remembrance for the late Maxine D. Ross (First Director of the Phoklandian Border Patrol).
13 December Founding Day Celebrates the the day that Phokland declared independence from the United States.
25 December Christmas Celebration of the christian holiday.



"Jack" flag of the Phoklandian Coast Guard (Welsh: Baner "Jack" Gwarchod Arfordir Phokland)

At time of dissolution, the only official branch of military for Phokland was it's Coast Guard. This was due to the large lake that surrounds most of the nation's territory. The Coast Guard adopted the same ranking system as that of the U.S. Navy, with the exception of the rank of Chief Admiral.

For the most part, the Phoklandian Coast Guard served a ceremonial purpose as Phokland held a strong stance against engaging in military combat, having only been involved in international conflicts via financing and only directly participating in one military operation in it's entire existence.

The Phoklandian Coast Guard consisted of six individuals and one boat, the P.C.G. Langston (named after founding member Brock Lang). There also existed the Phoklandian Royal Guard, a detachment tasked with the protection of the sitting monarch as well as other "high priority" government officials.

Additionally, the Phoklandian Border Patrol existed as a private organization contracted by former Prime Minister Charles Ross to patrol the land borders of the country. While under contract, the border patrol was under the direct command of the monarch but was still considered to be part of the Defense Office.


  • On 4 April 2018, Prince Charles I declared war against the nation of Mangolia, primarily due to it's declaration of war against Iustus (a former Phoklandian ally). Two days later, Mangolia surrendered and was reconstituted as the Republic of South Mangolia with partial political control being gifted to the Phoklandian Government.
  • On 9 April 2018, the remnants of the Mangolian Army regrouped and declared war on the Principality of Phokland, the Principality of Gleichenberg and the Grand Imperial Empire of Lanzantonia (another former Phoklandian ally). On August 7 of the same year, Prince Charles I declared an unofficial ceasefire with the Mangolian rebels due to the fact that the conflict had essentially turned into a "cold war". Plus, a financial decline in Phokland had made a continuation of the war effort seemingly "impractical".


The Principality of Phokland was split into four provinces and four Socratian Territories. Each of the provinces (with the exception of Socratian Territories) were primarily self governing but still fell under the reign of the Monarch of Phokland and the Phoklandian Royal Government.

Name Provincial Flag Population Provincial Capitol Date of Founding
Emosia Jamestown.png 4 Kyber 5 October 2018
Capitis Capitis.png 5 Rosston 13 December 2017
Greenlandia Greenlandia.png 3 Duchy of Fort Portand 27 April 2018
Libertalia Liberty.png 1 Treedome 14 December 2017

Socratian Territories

"Socratian Territory" is the term used to describe an area of land that was being held in the Tsardom of Socratia.

Current Socratian Territories:

Name Territorial Flag Population Territorial Capitol Date of Founding Status
New Persia Newpersia.png 2 (Monarch's Second Residence) Lililand 14 December 2017 Shared Land
Italand Italand.png 0 (Uninhabited) N/A 2 October 2018 Currently in the process of liquidation
Colandia Lithia.png 2 Katania 1 September 2018 Currently in the process of acquisition
U.S. Phoklandian Embassy PE.png 1 N/A 28 October 2018 United States Embassy of the Principality of Phokland

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