Principality of Quapong

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Principality of Quapong
Flag of Quapong.png
Coats of arms of Quapong.png
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: pila reflectitur quis putet
Anthem: TBA
CVlmg5MwqzmiwSnt9Acv9x4gkZDfGOJJHQ wnjSZew0.jpg
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Prince
Joseph of Quapong
LegislatureNational Assembly
Establishment11 April 2018
• Census

The Principality of Quapong is a tongue-in-cheek micronation that was founded in 2018 by Prince Joseph as an "alternative nation". The location is still unknown, after the official proclamation of the Quapongian Principality. Joseph was enthroned as Prince Joseph of Quapong Enthusiastic attempts to forge official ties with other countries have so far proved disappointing and the Principality of Quapong enjoys no formal diplomatic recognition.


The name Quapong comes from Qua as in quadruple. and Pong. Before the independence decleration its was a table tennis site and 4 players could play at this game of tabletennis. also known as Ping Pong