Principality of Raetia

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Principality of Rhaetia


Official language: Holcetaean English
Capital: Galbaf City
Date founded: 2 Equos 2510(Coligny Calendar/February 1, 2007

Number of citizens: ?
Number of active citizens: ?

Religion: Agnostic
Government: Monarchy
Current leader: HSH Prince Kile I
Currency: Imperial Oro, O<

Demonym: Rhaetian, Holcetaean
regional animal: ?
regional food: ?
regional drink: ?
Nation's Total GDP: ?

The Principality of Rhaetia is a federated realm of the Empire being created out of several counties and a Margravate that had rebelled against Stefen with I'ohn I. The Principality was awarded to the Emperor's friend Kile Marquess of Galbavy at the beginning of February to commemorate Imbolc.