Principality of Sayville

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The Principality of Sayville was a micronation founded upon territory ceded by the Kingdom of Sayville. Sayville was a constitutional monarchy, headed by the Prince of Sayville.

Principality of Sayville
Coat of arms
File:Sayville, New York
GovernmentCouncil of Ministers[1]
• Prince of Sayville
Sertor Valentinus
• Prime Minister
Charles Burgardt
Establishment3rd of December 2019
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions
Kingdom of Pinelandia
Kingdom of Sayville


The Principality of Sayville takes its name from the hamlet of Sayville, that acquired its name following a misspelling of "Seaville" in 1838.[2]


Early History

The Principality of Sayville was founded on the 3rd of December 2019 by Charles Burgardt. The Sayvillian nation was founded using infrastructure acquired from New Pineland, and land ceded from the Kingdom of Sayville.

Not long after the foundation of the Principality and the formation of the Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister had conducted an election for the hereditary title of Prince of Sayville. Initially, the title was briefly awarded to Basil of Lofokrithia, however a new vote was called following discoveries of flaws and inconsistencies with the original vote. The new vote proclaimed Sertor Valentinus to be the new Prince of Sayville, who would remain so even following the retroceding of territory back to the Kingdom of Sayville.

Late History

Despite having ambitions to join the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions as a fellow member state, these ambitions were never realised by the time the nation began to decline.

Through a variety of factors, the Principality slumped into an irreversible decline, and plans were drawn up by the government to merge with the Kingdom of Sayville. The governments of the Kingdom of Pinelandia and the Principality voted to approve said plan to resolve the future of the nation. All territorial claims were receded to the Kingdom of Sayville, and all infrastructure was ceded to Pinelandia, with all Sayvillian citizens now bearing a right to Pinelandian Citizenship.[3]


The title of Prince of Sayville is still used by the former monarch, who currently serves on the Council of Ministers of Pinelandia.

Many former Sayvillian officials continue to serve today in both Pinelandia and the Kingdom of Sayville.


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