Coordinates: 41°23′N 4°27′W / 41.383°N 4.450°W / 41.383; -4.450

Principality of Treiquatorça

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Treiquatorça (in Spanish)
Treiquatorça (in Old Altannese)
Úytoyrhqúydaupa piothevhe (In New Altannese)
Prefectura Occidental del Principado de Treiquatorça (in Spanish)
Flag of Treiquatorça
Treiquatorça within Altannia
Treiquatorça within Altannia
Coordinates: 41°23′N 4°27′W / 41.383°N 4.450°W / 41.383; -4.450
 • PrinceESG Pablo I de Treiquatorça (PAUN) (FAP)
 • Rank5th
 (2018 registered voters)
 • Total4
 • Pop. rank
Official languagesSpanish, Altannese and German[1]
Number of nobiliary divisions6 duchies and 1 march
RegionWestern Prefectures

The Principality of Treiquatorça ([trei.kwa.']) was a western prefecture of Altannia Unita, and the only one with a special title of its own. The last Prince of Treiquatorça was ESG Pablo I Blanco de Treiquatorça.


The prefecture was named after its central province, Treiquatorça, whose name dates back to the I Civil War. Josep I d'Altannia Urientalle was given a codename during the war, el 34; this was due to a nickname of his, Pepe, a common Spanish hypocorism for José. This name, in Spanish, is pronounced like PP, that is, the seventeenth letter of the alphabet twice. Treiquatorça was taken from Josep after the II Civil War, and got its name, thus, from the Old Altannese word for 34, treiquatorç.


The territories of Treiquatorça have, in general, a history heavily linked to war and internal conflicts. As mentioned earlier, the namesake province as well as the province of Giardennios Eiensses (formerly a part of Airenssia-Endomenequa-Praettea), were taken from Josep I after the II Civil War. The province of Veiggillia, on the other hand, was annexed during the I Indigenous Wars, in order to have a fast access to Billiotare and Nesso des Fogêrs from a protected zone.

The frontiers of Treiquatorça, as well as its political status, have varied over time. Treiquatorça rose to prominence, after being a fairly obscure and unimportant province, thanks to the sponsorship of duke Pablo Blanco, who first claimed rights for Treiquatorça in the II Constitutional Reform, when he requested Congress ratification powers over the future Constitution for the duchy. After the III Constitutional reform, Treiquatorça was the first territory in Altannese history to be upgraded to a Principality, and granted a special - though mostly nominal - autonomous status within the Empire. This was the first time, too, that Treiquatorça did not depend on a higher territorial stance.

Finally, the Prefecture system put Treiquatorça to the same level as the rest of first-level territorial units of Altannia, and it was re-granted the special title (this time purely nominal) of Principality on November 24, 2017. Its last territorial expansion occurred on May 25, 2018, with the integration of Westweiden to the Principality, making Treiquatorça the only prefecture in Altannia Unita to hold territories outside the Iberian Peninsula.

The Prefecture system was abolished in July 2019.


Being a relatively small prefecture, Treiquatorça does not have many remarkable geographical features. The territory is generally flat and moderately lush. Oak trees are the most common type of vegetation in Iberian Treiquatorça. Veiggillia is the most rugged part of Treiquatorça, whilst Chiasma Veissa and Treissiemma are the most lush. Veiggillia, too, is famous in Altannia for its firewood production.


Treiquatorça is unique in its institutions, being the only Principality in Altannia, among Altannese prefectures. Up until late 2018, the Prince and the Prefect were a single office, but, after the Prime Minister was disallowed from running in Prefectural elections, the Prince of Treiquatorça and then Prime Minister, Pablo Blanco, decreed the Principal Statute of Treiquatorça, which established a Treiquatorçan Parliament (Cortes Treiquatorças) - the only regional legislative body, as of now, in Altannia - and made the Prince an office appointed by the Prefect.

The Prince is the leader of the Treiquatorçan Parliament, which is, otherwise, composed of the Prefect and a non-Treiquatorçan Counselor.


Treiquatorçan politics were heavily personality-centered, regarding prince Pablo Blanco. This means that Treiquatorça is a very safe PAUN prefecture.

Term Name Political party Home duchy Inauguration date End of term Election result
1 ESGD Pablo Blanco de Treiquatorça PIA Duchy of Treiquatorça 27/11/2017 29/04/2018
2 / 3
2 ESG Pablo I Blanco de Treiquatorça PIA Duchy of Treiquatorça 29/04/2018 14/10/2018
2 / 3
1 ESGD Jorge Mompou des Ponttes d'Ecclesiatta PAUN Duchy of Treiquatorça 19/11/2018 07/06/2019
4 / 5
2 ESGD Jorge Mompou des Ponttes d'Ecclesiatta PAUN Duchy of Treiquatorça 07/06/2019 19/07/2019
3 / 4


Province Map Representative in Congress Coronelía Nobiliary divisions Current holder
Giardennios Eiensses ESMD Rachele Bacchetti d'Issilumbratta Linnea Maiore Duchy of Foresttes Eiensses None
Duchy of Quonca Eiensse None
Treiquatorça ESG Pablo I Blanco de Treiquatorça March of Chiasma Veissa ESG Pablo I Blanco de Treiquatorça
Duchy of Treiquatorça ESG Pablo I Blanco de Treiquatorça
Duchy of Treissiemma None
Veiggillia N. Sg. David López-Baeza Duchy of Veiggillia ESG Pablo I Blanco de Treiquatorça
Westweiden Vacant Linnea Primma Metropolitanna Duchy of Westweiden ESGD A.


  1. Protected language.