Principality of Vurmond

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Principality of Vurmond
  • Latin:Principatum Vurmond
    Esperanto:Princlando de Vurmond
    Georgian:ვურმონდის სამთავრო

National Flag

Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Et nos unum sumus
Anthem: Glory to Dragon
Largest cityEphelia
Official languagesEnglish, Korean
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Duke
Thoclus P. Kyle
• Prime Minister
LegislatureDukal Senate
Establishment22 February 2000
• Census
Currency⊅ (Dukend)
Time zoneUTC 9:00+
Preceded by
This nation is a member of the OAOM

Vurmond, Also known as The Principality of Vurmond, the country was founded in the Philippines in 2000 and has been reorganized after its founders ceded the throne to Thoclus at the end of 2021. Therefore, Vurmond is now entering a new era, working to promote a variety of activities and to build civic well-being and community.


The designation "Vurmond" is associated with the national symbol. The founder explained that the term was derived from the German word for "Guardian" in the name of Vurmond being the protector of the world, since the protector of the state is a griffin.


Our culture is focused on developing a unique culture that is geared towards globalization as the world's citizens are multinational.

Based on the existing national symbol of the griffin and the newly changed dragon, the griffin and the dragon are fused to become a new symbol of the country, and various activities for citizens will be planned based on this.

Detailed information will be updated on the website.


Our history was established on February 22, 2000 in a small town in the Philippines, and has maintained the framework while changing the form of government four times so far.

We are currently building our position as the Duchy of Vurmond, please visit our website for a detailed history.


The government, as a constitutional monarchy, is governed by a monarch according to the constitution.

The government structure is simple because the power of the monarch is quite strong.

Under the Dukal Household presided over by monarchs and government officials, the Ministry of the Internal and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs exist as subordinate bodies.

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