Privy Council of Montescano

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His Highness's Privy Council, is a body of advisers to the Sovereign Prince of Montescano.

List of members

Princely Family Governmental figures Non-Montescanesque dignitaries Other
Individual Appointed Roles/reasons
Lord Christoffel van Achterbergen, Marquess of Goedeweg-Achterbergen 7 August 2019 Grand Pensionary (2019–present)
Marquess of Goedeweg-Achterbergen (2019–present)
Chief Advisor (2019–present)
Lady Lenka Kiernosz, Countess of Horne 25 January 2020 Private Secretary of HH (2020–present)
Countess of Horne (2020–present)
Christian Newton, Viscount of Cape Hatteras 27 January 2020 Connétable (2020–present)
HH Hereditary Prince Maurits 30 April 2020 Hereditary Prince (2019–present)
Bradley van Dullahan, Baron of La Ye 30 April 2020 Imperial Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire (2014–present)
Advisor on History (2020–present)