Progressive Association

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The Progressive Association is a micronational alliance created by Afrasiyab Jamshaid, and headed by the Council of the Progressive Association. It was formed on 2 February 2021.

Progressive Association
Whakahoahoamasfúe Ahungítefúe
Official logo
SuccessorGlobal Progressive Association
Formation2 February 2021
TypeMicronational alliance
  • Intermicronational
Membership (2021)
Official language
English, Transnational Pacifican
Governing body
Council of the Progressive Association
Staff (2021)
Volunteers (2021)


The Progressive Association was founded on 2 February 2021, after many occurrences of micronations cyber-bullying and doxxing others. The Discord server was then created, and 30 micronations were invited, with 17 joining on the first day. The leader of Tinakula then proceeded to make Jayden Dagsa, Alex Villar, and Jake of New Polynesia co-chairmen of the alliance, hence forming the Association's governing body, the Council of the Progressive Association.


The purpose of the Progressive Association is to help all micronations, both simulationist, and realist, to grow and prosper. Members of this Association have good intentions for other member nations and wish to help themselves and their counterparts achieve the futures they wish to come to fruition.

List of members

Full-fledged members


International Zones

The Progressive Association is made up of three international zones, these zones are shared among all member nations of the Progressive Association,

Link to Discord server