Protectorate of Imperium

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The Protectorate of Imperium
Motto: Set an example that can't be ignored
Government: Aristocracy
Denonym: Imperian
Population: Citizens: 12
Date Founded: December 12, 2009
Capital: Imperia
Language: Russian, English
Religion: Christian Orthodox
Currency: Imperian Credit
Time Zone: PST (UTC/UTC -8 hours)
This nation is pending approval to the UNMCN

The Protectorate of Imperium was founded on December 12, 2009. This nation has declared its independence in protest against the actions of the Canadian and American governments and does not wish to take part in or support any of their political schemes and agendas. The capital of Imperium is located approximately 4 Kilometres south of downtown Vancouver, Canada. The Imperium was founded in association with the Kingdom of Square and is presently one of its autonomous protectorates. As the nation develops and expands, it will eventually gain full independence and be declared a separate entity not associated politically with the KOS. The Protectorate of Imperium classifies itself as a 'new-nation project', not a ‘virtual nation’ and strives to establish peaceful relations with any other nation wishing to become an ally.

Government and Administration

The Imperium is a protectorate of the Kingdom of Square, but is under autonomous administration of a local government led by High Overlord Viktor Khersonski, a close personal friend of King MC Square. The Imperium was founded in temporary association with the kingdom in order to simplify its integration into the micronational community and to accelerate the process of creating a governing body and infrastructure. The Imperium's internal government currently resembles a form of authoritarianism, namely aristocracy. It is ruled by a council of high ranking individuals, namely the current High Overlord, the honorable ruler as well as representative of the political, military and general populace's branches of infrastructure presently under development.

The Imperian Council

  • High Overlord - Viktor Khersonski
  • Baron - Maximillion Khersonski
  • K.O.S. Representative and Advisor - Valentin Max Agen

Legal System

The Imperium presently runs an independent legal system from the Kingdom of Square, as it does not formally recognize the same constitution, preferring instead to cooperate on a diplomatic basis. While most cases that hold low priority and are of minor importance, for example, the trial of petty thieves and the creation and implementation of minor laws are done by the Chamber of Conclave, a caste of 7 higher ranking people of the general populace, the more important situations and happenings are dealt with by the Council. The Council is composed of the ruling Overlord and his advisor as well as a high ranking individual from the military, political and Chamber of Conclave's respective branches of government. While the person from the military and political branches of government happen to be the highest-ranking officer available, the Chamber of Conclave elects a representative for  the next 2 months to represent them in the Council. The Council is generally composed of 5 people but it may be expanded into a war room or it may invite dignitaries of oversea's provinces such as the ambassador of Cheylabinsk Province when the matter at hand concerns said embassy. The only true exception to the Council's rule is by the will of the ruling Overlord. Usually, it is something extremely important or a decision that will greatly affect the entire nation, for example, the relocation of the country's capital. It is important to note that before the Chamber of Conclave passes a law or makes any sort of decision it must be approved by the High Overlord or, in time of crisis, his advisor or another high ranking council member.


Imperia, Capital of Imperium

Imperia is a fairly small territory which serves as the Headquarters for Imperian activity. It is the capital of Imperium and functions as a command and administrative centre for all other Imperian districts, also Imperia serves as a trade hub, transportation centre and is the residence of the High Overlord and his family, many of whom happen to have high ranking positions in the Imperium's governing body. Imperia consists of 2 regions, the public region, a open grassy plain with a minor gardening structures and a low defensive barrier, the public region also includes the royal defence force, the customs office and the main entrance to the private region. The private region consists of two several sectors, the personal quarters of the High Overlord, the guest hall, the vehicle junction, the guest quarters, the defence platform, the office and the leisure plaza. Each of these sectors serves its own purpose, for example, the defence platform (an elevated terrace with a view over the leisure plaza and the vehicle depot), usually patrolled by an armed guard. The guest hall is an entertainment sector while the guest quarters, on the other hand, are living spaces for long term guests in Imperium's private sector.

The Two Shrines District

While not much of a province, The Two Shrines are safe havens and sanctuaries as well as holy places for Imperians. They were not officaly claimed until the day after Imperium's birth, but have been regarded Imperian land for many years. Unofficially they have been under Imperian control since January 2005, an era known as the Babilandian Rule. The Two Shrines consist of six large pine trees, in the ENE corner of Balaclava Park, near a work shed, a playground and a grassy open field. Each shrine is composed of 3 pines in the form of a triangle, with approximately 2.5 meters between the trunks. One of the shrines, specifically on the E side of the work shed between them, is known as the Oblivion shrine. Used by Pagans to worship the mighty gods of Oblivion. The second shrine is for more modern uses, such as worship to more modern gods as well as most ceremonies. The Imperian rule does not restrict or block most types of religious traditions that do not affect Imperium in a negative way, therefore most rituals are tolerated. But be forewarned, the shrines are under constant  watch with frequent patrols going through them, therefore the use of the shrines for criminal activity is seriously discouraged unless prepared to suffer the consequences.

The Province of Chelyabinsk