Protectorate of Sæ

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Protectorate of Sæ
Motto: Je maintiendrai (the Netherlands)
Anthem: Wilhelmus (the Netherlands)
File:Zeeland, the Netherlands
and largest city
Official languagesDutch
Demonym(s)Sæian, Sæer
• Census
Time zone(UTC +1)

The Protectorate of Sæ is a protectorare of the Kingdom of Wyvern. On a daily basis, it is controlled by the Netherlands. However, on a micronational scale, its freedom and independence is ensured by the Kingdom of Wyvern. There have been plans by Bradley of Dullahan to add Sæ to Wyvern as a state, but these plans were promptly refused by the rest of the Wyvernian government.


The first known settlement in the area dates from the Middle Ages. Near Sæ, a Dutch Reformed church built on the remains of a 13th century can be found. The houses in Sæ were built in the second half of the twentieth century. They were bought by members of Princess H. of Wyvern's family. These people have lived in Sæ for several years.

When the government of the Kingdom of Wyvern found out that New Europe claimed the area, the King was appalled. Among the residents of Sæ is the King's grandmother, who was born before the Second World War. It was seen by the Wyvernian government as a terrible situation that a nation clearly using war-time German symbolism claimed her house. In a government meeting, it was decided that the Protectorate of Sæ would be declared to counter New Europe's claims to the area. Sæ - named after the sea, which is close to the Protectorate, would remain under Dutch control, but the status of protectorate would indicate a valid micronational claim.


On a day-to-day basis, Sæ is governed by the Dutch government. The residents do not have any plans for secession or, indeed, accurate knowledge of micronationalism. However, on a micronational scale, the Protectorate Office of Sæ is in charge of investigating and denying micronational claims made to the Protectorate of Sæ.