Province of Seri Ja'afar

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Seri Ja'afar
Province of the Queensland
Province of Seri Ja'afar
Flag of Seri Ja'afar
God Bless the Land
 • TypeParliamentary constitutional monarchy
 • GovernorThe Duke of Horsens
 • Chief MinisterSir Michael John
 • Total0.12 km2 (0.05 sq mi)
 • Total23

The Province of Seri Ja'afar, formerly the Province of Queensland is one of the eight provinces of the Kingdom of Queensland and is the location of the capital of Queensland Helsmariehamn, supervised by Governor, The Duke of Horsens.

Administrative divisions

Provincial government

The province is divided into 3 districts.
1. Helsmariehamn District
2. Nicola Town District
3. Hastings District