Public Holidays in Bradonia

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Public holidays in Bradonia were established by the "Bradonian National Holiday Act" of 2022, which officially established the holiday's into Bradonian law The following holidays are all the government-recognized and government-celebrated holidays within Bradonia, because of the holiday's having a traditional, historical, or other valued importance within Bradonian culture.

Date Name of the event Description
1 January New Year's Day TBD
8 January Emperor Norton Day TBD
10 January Ungern-Sternberg day TBD
14 February Valentine's Day TBD
3 March Texas Independence Day TBD
26 March Purple Day TBD
4 April Victory Day TBD
15 April Anime Day TBD
16 April Kingdom Day TBD
Sunday, March or April Easter TBD
5 May Cinco De Mayo TBD
9 August Bradonian Independence Day TBD
3 October German Unity Day TBD
31 October Halloween TBD
3 November Day of the Rising Sun TBD
Fourth Thursday of November
(varies with year)
Thanksgiving TBD
Fourth Friday of November
(varies with year)
Black Friday TBD
5 December Königstag TBD
24 December Christmas Eve TBD
25 December Christmas TBD
31 December New Year's Eve TBD