King George’s Service Chain

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King George’s Service Chain
King George’s Service Chain badge
Awarded by the monarch of Queensland
TypePersonal award
EligibilityMen and women, of any nation
Awarded forAt the monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently awarded
Established20 March 2021
First awardedEdward IX of Queensland
Total awarded5
Ribbon of the King George’s Service Chain

The King George’s Service Chain is a decoration instituted in 2021 by King Edward IX as a personal award of the monarch (i.e. not an award made on the advice of any Commonwealth Independence realm government). It ranks above the Royal Queenslandian Order, with which it is often associated but not officially related. Originally reserved for members of the Royal Family, the chain is a distinct award conferred only upon the highest dignitaries, including foreign monarchs, heads of state, and high-ranking.

List of living recipients of the King George’s Service Chain

Name Known for Year of conferral
Queensland Prince Albert, Duke of Sembilan King of Queensland 2021
Queensland Princess Charlotte, Duchess of St. Andrews Princess State Grand Ruler of Edinburgh Province 2021
Queensland Princess Juliana, Duchess of Beauclerk Princess State Grand Ruler of Elizabeth Province 2023
Queensland Sir Bernard Leopold, 1st Duke of Kaipara Earl Marshal of Queensland 2023
Christoph Chao City Prince of Christoph Chao City Prince and Bishop of Christoph Chao City 2023

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