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Khanate of Quetico
Motto: "Life, Liberty, Fraternity"
Anthem: "Battle Cry of Freedom"

Map of the districts of Quetico. East Voyageurs marked in blue. Quetico Proper not shown.
CapitalEast Voyageurs
Largest cityEast Voyageurs
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentCentralized aristocratic parliamentary republic
• First Secretary
Henry Twain
• President
Establishment9 May 2016
• (As of May, 2016) census
CurrencyMicronational Dollar

The Khanate of Quetico is a subjugate khanate of Nedland located on the American continent, with land claims in the U.S. state of Minnesota and the Canadian province of Ontario. The Quetican Islands were founded in 2016 as a result of an economic project led by former Federated States' President Henry Twain. The micronation quickly rose to prominence for its economic system. The micronation was originally established with a sole leader, the First Secretary, however since has been expanded to include a Parliament and a head-of-government President.

The Quetican Islands was a well-planned micronation, renown for an economic system designed to sustain micronational businesses. The economy, collectively referred to as Quetico Street, has been covered by various media outlets and has been praised for its adoption of the Micronational Dollar. While still fairly new to the MicroWiki, the experience of Secretary Twain has given the micronation significant authority in the community.

The Quetican Islands were briefly a part of the Grand Duchy of St.Clemens before the land was ceded back to Canada upon the St.Clementian coup.


The Quetican Islands derives its namesake from the Quetico Provincial Park, where a significant portion of the land claim is located. Despite the name implying that Quetico is located on a series of islands, a portion of the land claim is indeed not an island.

The name was originally planned to be the Democratic Republic of South Quetico, however it was decided that there was no nation state known as North Quetico, and that a different name was more appropriate for the situation.


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