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The RONH-SDF (Republic of New Hessen Self Defense Forces) is the all-encompassing administrative body over the armed forces of the Republic of New Hessen. The RONH-SDF consists of the:

Republic of New Hessen Self Defense Forces
Selbstverteidigungskräfte der Republik Neuhessen (German)
Standard Squadron-Style Emblem of the Republic of New Hessen Self Defense Forces, and the New Hessen Air Corps
CountryFlag of New Hessen.png Republic of New Hessen
RoleCommand, Tactical Support, Joint Operations
Command CenterDürmad
Motto(s)Defending Freedom, Through Thick and Thin!
MarchMy Friend Jeff (Jodie)
President and Grand MarshallTheodore Adam Zopf Von Neuhessen (NHAC)
Chief Field OfficerMajor Zachary Harris (NHMF, Grand Marines)
  • RONH Air Corps
  • RONH Maritime Force
  • RONH Space Research Division (Civilian Auxiliary)
  • RONH Air Corps Infantry Auxiliary (Department of the Air Corps)
  • RONH Grand Marines (Department of the Maritime Force)
  • RONH Air Corps Intelligence Division (Department of the Air Corps).

Planned Armed Forces:

  • RONH Army (Planned transfer from the Air Corps Infantry Auxiliary in mid-to-late 2023).
    Republic of New Hessen Army
    Republik Neuhessisches Heer (German)
    Active(planned) Late 2023-
    CountryFlag of New Hessen.png Republic of New Hessen
    RoleSecurity, Infantry combat

RONH Maritime Force

The Maritime Force was founded to protect New Hessian interests around the Langley-Dozier Territory. The Maritime Force later expanded in order to

Republic of New Hessen Maritime Force
Seestreitkräfte der Republik Neuhessen (German)
Emblem of the New Hessen Maritime Force
CountryFlag of New Hessen.png Republic of New Hessen
BranchNaval Branch
RoleNaval Warfare, Administration, and Aerial Reconnaisance
Main Command CenterDürmad
Nickname(s)World's Greatest Force of Ships, Shite, and Shooting
Motto(s)Semper Superior (Latin, Always Superior)
MarchMy Friend Jeff (Jodie)
Flying hours2
Aircraft flown

regulate the Grand Marines, and to defend the Potomac, a river that borders the capital city, Dürmad.

Grand Marines

The Grand Marines are the infantry force of the Maritime Force. The Grand Marines are primarily tasked with naval infrastructure defense and amphibious operations.

Grand Marines Civilian Auxiliary

The Grand Marines Civilian Auxiliary was formed to support the Grand Marines in logistics issues.

RONH Air Corps

The Air Corps provides aerial support of New Hessian territories and interests. The Air Corps also performs research missions, observation missions, reconnaissance missions, air-to-ground combat missions, and transport missions. The Air Corps is the most decorated, and governing force of New Hessen. The Air Corps Mission Statement is: "Research, Reconnaissance, and Victory". The main force of the Air Corps' combat engagements include:

Republic of New Hessen Air Corps
Republik Neuhessisches Fliegerkorps (German)
Standard Squadron-Style Emblem of the Republic of New Hessen Self Defense Forces, and the New Hessen Air Corps
CountryFlag of New Hessen.png Republic of New Hessen
BranchAir Corps
TypeAir Corps, Infantry
RoleRecon, Observation, A-G combat, Infantry combat
Main AirbaseTipton Airport KFME
Nickname(s)The Air Farce
Motto(s)Paratus et Fidelis (Latin, Ready and Faithful)
ColorsBlue and Gold
MarchNothing can stop the New Hessian Air Corps (March)
Mascot(s)N782FM "The Wood Thrush"
DecorationsValorous Service Citation, Medal of Honored Service
Flying hours6
Aircraft flown
TrainerPARNH1, C172NH2
  • 2022 Arcadian War of Liberation, Fought by the NHAC (New Hessian Air Corps) 1st General Aviation Squadron, however, units could not arrive in the field in time.

Air Corps Infantry Auxiliary

The Air Corps Infantry Auxiliary forms the backbone of New Hessian land forces. The Auxiliary's primary goal is to maintain the security of New Hessian Territories. Engagements include:

  • One Deer in violation of New Hessian territory invasion laws, removed for trespassing. (Deer Incident)


The Army is a planned separation of the Infantry Auxiliary from the Air Corps. Separation is planned for mid-to-late 2022. The organizational structure would stay the same.

Air Corps Civilian Auxiliary

The Air Corps Civilian Auxiliary is an civilian auxiliary of the air corps with a quasi-military structure. This compares to the Grand Marines' counterpart, in that their auxiliary has no military atmosphere. Air Corps Civilian Auxiliary members are usually assigned to the Infantry Auxiliary. Service in the Air Corps Civilian Auxiliary Officer Corps has the same governmental opportunities as service in any other of the Self Defense Forces.

Air Corps Intelligence Division

The Air Corps Intelligence Division (Usually referred to as NHACID, or, ACID) is the New Hessian equivalent of the CIA, and other nation's intelligence agencies. The ACID's engagements include:

  • Anti-Mckeenist Aggression war, ongoing, digital theater, Fighting as UNEM Peacekeepers,

RONH Space Research Division

The Space Research division is interesting in that it is not the auxiliary of a particular group, but the SDF itself. The NHSRD conducts digital space-related research, and resembles NASA. It has a non-military structure, however, it is managed by the SDF.