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Rajpramukh (Hindi: राजप्रमुख), meaning Head of the State is a royal title used by the reigning monarchs of the states of Vishwamitra. The Rajpramukhs of the states are constitutionally designated to be absolute monarchs, discharging the functions of both the head of state and head of government of the state.


The title of Rajpramukh originated as an administrative title in India from its independence in 1947 until 1956. Rajpramukhs were the appointed governors of certain Indian provinces and states. Mostly, the ruling heads of the royal houses which governed the princely states under the British administration.

Following Vishwamitra's transition into a monarchy in June 2020, the founders of the monarchy decided on several befitting titles to be used for the rulers of the federal provinces of the nation. The first title to be proposed was that of Yang di-Pertuan Negara which was later rejected by the members.