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Raph Transitional Flag.png
Flag of Raphania
Total population
75% of the Raphanian population
Regions with significant populations
 Raphania 66%
 United States 34%

English (Raphanian English Dialect)


Catholicism, Protestantism

Raphanians (also known as Raphistani) are the "native" peoples and predominant ethnic group of the Grand Emirate of Raphania. Originally of primarily Polish/German/Irish American decent, Raphanians make up almost all of the Raphistani population which regularly visits the nation physically.


The origins of Raphanians' distinct culture and identity trace back to 2007 and the founding of Rosston. Through the years the group would emigrate to various nations; such as Phokland and Dracul, before finally settling into a nation of their own in October 2021, with the founding of the Desert Realm of Raphistan, which later became Raphania.

International flag of the Raphanian People.


The most common language spoken by Raphanians is english, however with a noticeable quirk of speaking, known as Raphanian English. This is best characterized by certain unique and "made-up" phrases.


Raphanian culture places a large priority on the outdoors and with connecting with nature.

Notable people